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District Parent Advisory Council

2020-2021 DPAC Meetings: 7 pm - ZOOM or rotating school libraries

September 24

ZOOM Meeting

October 22

ZOOM Meeting

November 26

ZOOM Meeting

January 28

Elphinstone Secondary

February 25

Chatelech Secondary

April 22

Pended Harbour Sec

May 27

Elphinstone Secondary

DPAC Executive

Jo Thomson
Matthew Rockall


Amy Robinson





Parent Representative to the Operations Committee


Parent Representative to the Education Committee

Marilyn Baines

Parent Representative to the Healthy Schools Committee

Stephanie Murawsky

District Family Engagement Committee

Sarah Bradley

District Family Engagement Committee

What is DPAC? What is a PAC?

Each school in our district is required to have a Parent Advisory Council (PAC). The role for the council is to advise the principal about the parent community’s thoughts on school matters. All meetings are public and any parent or guardian of the school is welcome to attend. Specific issues or concerns regarding individual students are not handled at PAC meetings. Contacting the principal to schedule a meeting is more appropriate for those issues.

At the district level, the DPAC (District Parent Advisory Council) is an opportunity for parents, principals, senior administration and trustees to learn together about how we can support our schools right across the district to be as effective as possible. We have presentations on curriculum issues, operational issues (budget, staffing, facilities) and conversations about parent and guardian perspective of where we should be focusing our efforts in our district.

Each PAC is encouraged to send a delegate or two (or more!) to the DPAC meeting.

Read the DPAC brochure

Want to find out more about DPAC?  Visit the website of the provincial PAC body, BCCPAC (BC Confederation of Parent Advisory Councils).

Other documents that will help you understand the DPAC’s role: Ministry of Education Manual of School Law (go to Division 2 – Parents, once you download the School Act in the Manual of School Law).

Sunshine Coast DPAC Constitution and Bylaws: 2019 Revised Constitution and Bylaws

(D)PAC 101: BCCPAC November 2019 Power Point Presentation

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