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Important Winter Weather Information

During the time of the season when inclement weather may affect the safety and welfare of students and staff and, in particular, when snowy weather has the potential to cause classes to be postponed or some School District 46 services to be suspended, current information will be updated continuously on our Twitter and Facebook page (@SD46SC). This district website will also be updated with a banner informing of any closures.

We will also provide 91.7 Coast FM with information about the status of our facilities and transportation services.

We will also send parents/guardians an email and phone message via SchoolMessenger and staff will receive notification via their SD46 email account and by phone as well.

We will also use SchoolMessenger to contact parents/guardians in the event of an Emergency Release of students during the school day. Individual school closures or delayed start due to unique circumstances (e.g., power outages) will be announced as early as possible through SchoolMessenger and the school’s website.

There may be times when bus routes will not be operating as usual, or where schools in the district are closed. The following outlines how these decisions are made.


The most likely reason for the cancellation of bus service will be severe winter weather conditions, in which case one or more bus routes in the district may be cancelled. We will determine whether or not to cancel one or more bus routes, after consultation with our school bus providers who carefully assess local road conditions after severe weather warnings.

It is very important that you take note of what route(s) your child(ren) rides on.


When road conditions are poor, some of the less maintained and more dangerous roads (i.e. winding, steep) may be determined unsafe to drive. Our school bus provider may indicate, and we will communicate, a safer pick-up and drop-off location.

If buses are running more than fifteen minutes late, the school bus providers will advise the principals and vice-principals of the affected schools.


The closure of schools in the district may occur when we are experiencing severe winter weather conditions, or when it is simply unsafe to ask parents and staff to report to school due to hazardous road conditions. If there is snowfall overnight and accumulating in the morning, we make every attempt to make a call about school closures prior to the morning pickup of children by the buses. We aim to determine by 7 a.m. whether or not to close schools in the district after assessing the situation.

The safety of students and staff is our first priority. Specifically, student safety is a shared responsibility. Parents/guardians are responsible for their child’s safe travel to school. If for any reason a parent/guardian feels that a child cannot travel safely to school, they should make other arrangements for their child. Students will not be penalized for absences due to severe weather conditions. The decision to attend school is the responsibility of each family.

Parents/guardians are encouraged to establish an emergency plan for their children in the event that schools are closed, the school’s start time is delayed, or students are dismissed early.

Please remember that all students need to dress warmly and appropriately for winter weather conditions.

We encourage families to review their own preparations for winter weather and ensure that they are familiar with their municipality’s snow and ice response procedures. We request that you strictly adhere to parking restrictions in and around all Sunshine Coast Schools.

With your co-operation and adherence to winter weather procedures, we can help achieve safe conditions for students, staff and families travelling to and from school.

Please view Regulation 3130: Inclement Weather for more.

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