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Nature-Based Learning

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Nature Education for Sustainable Todays and Tomorrows (NEST) at Davis Bay Elementary

Davis Bay Elementary NEST, Nature Based Education for Sustainable Today’s and Tomorrow’s, is a K-GRADE 7 public school program that offers students hands-on and experiential learning using nature as its classroom and its lens.  Inquiry, play, child-centred, space-placed, and project-based learning are foundational components of the program while continuing to honour the B.C. curriculum and its guidelines for primary/early intermediate learning. With Nature as co-teacher, this program aims to grow green hearts and green minds as well as build strong connections to self, community and the natural world.  

For more information regarding NEST and the process for expressing interest in the program, please visit the Davis Bay Elementary’s NEST page

Please note that space is very limited and available spots will be granted via lottery.

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Nature-Based Learning at Langdale Elementary

Nature-based learning is rooted in philosophy and pedagogy and is supported by research that underscores its emotional, social and academic merits. Langdale Elementary’s primary classes (grades K-3) will be transitioning to be nature-based. By putting forward an expression of interest for Langdale, you will be showing an interest in the curriculum being delivered to your child through nature as the learning lens, often in an outdoor setting. Learning will take place in community and outside in nature classrooms – at the beach, in the forest, and in nearby parks. This means that children will be outside in all sorts of weather and that the community will be their classroom. As next year is a transition year for us into nature-based learning, the learning community (staff, students and caregivers) will be all learning together as we transition to nature-based primary at our school.
Langdale Elementary families all have a place in the primary (K-Grade 3) Nature-Based Learning classes at Langdale Elementary and are NOT required to fill out the Expression of Interest form.  A lottery draw for spaces for those out of catchment will happen in late March dependent on the space available. (This is unlike Davis Bay Elementary NEST where all students, regardless of their catchment area, have to enter a lottery.)
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