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Active Travel

GoActive Travel Weeks May 27 to June 7, 2024

We want students, families, and staff to be enabled to ride, walk, and roll to school more often. Even walking part way (‘Drive to 5’) or changing one travel trip per week is a great step! 
Active Travel to school has many benefits.  It improves students’ health, well-being, and academic achievement.  It also reduces traffic volume, congestion, air pollution and climate change impacts.  And Active Travel creates opportunities for friendship, a sense of belonging and healthy independence.

Whether you ride, walk, or roll, please:

  • Travel together, 
  • Follow the rules of the road, and;
  • If you’re wheeled – please wear a helmet.  

Thank you for your support – Let’s Go SD46!

Resources for Students & their Families

Best Routes to School Maps at Participating Elementary Schools

For more on participating elementary schools' Active Travel Programs, visit:

Road Safety for Students and Families

Partners/ Supportive Organizations

Bike Sense: The FREE 7th Edition ‘How-to Guide for Cycling in BC’ online 




HUB Cycling: Free web-based course for 9-12 year olds on basic cycling safety







TraC: A Local advocacy group and Active Travel supporters


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