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Universal Washrooms

Universal Washrooms in our Schools: We are developing welcoming and safe spaces for all students!


Universal washrooms are facilities designed to be accessible and welcoming to all individuals, regardless of gender, ability, or needs. They honour each individual’s rights to privacy and safety.

Universal washrooms promote inclusivity, accessibility, and comfort, supporting our district’s commitment to equity, dignity, and student privacy and safety. They ensure that all students feel respected, included, and safe within their school environment, aligning with the BC Human Rights Code (Bill 27 2016) and the Board’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) policy (2012, r.2021).

Yes, gender-specific washrooms will remain available. The addition of universal washrooms provides a choice, ensuring that all students, staff and community members can select the facility that best suits their comfort and needs.

Universal washrooms are designed with individual, fully enclosed stalls and open sight lines into the hand washing areas to enhance safety. This layout minimizes potential vulnerabilities while maximizing privacy for all users.

The design also incorporates accessible washrooms, featuring at least one fully accessible stall at each location.





Community input is vital to our decision-making process. Opportunities for input occurs through various channels, including DPAC, the District Student Leadership Team, the District SOGI Committee (CUPE, SCTA, Parents Caregivers, Students, & Admin representatives), public budget consultations, and board meetings, reflecting a broad base of support for more inclusive facilities.

The design also incorporates accessible washrooms, featuring at least one fully accessible stall at each location.


Yes, we have successfully implemented universal washrooms at several locations, including Gibsons Elementary (2015), the Early Years Centre (2020), West Sechelt Elementary (2021), and Elphinstone Secondary (2023). These facilities have been well-received and meet the needs of our community effectively.

Funding for these facilities comes from the School Enhancement Program, which is designated for infrastructure improvements and can be used to enhance inclusivity and accessibility. This funding does not impact our operating budget, and decisions about its allocation are made with transparency and community engagement.

In schools with universal washrooms, we’ve noted a decrease in problematic behaviours, such as vaping, associated with the traditional design of multi-stall washrooms. The feedback from staff and students at these sites has been overwhelmingly positive, supporting the expansion of this initiative.

These washrooms are equipped with essential amenities, including dispensers with free menstrual products and disposal units, ensuring individuals can access necessary hygiene products. This aligns with the Ministry’s Provision of Menstrual Products (2019) and SD46 Regulation 3300 – Menstrual Products (2020).

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Universal Washrooms Research

Updated Floor Plan for Chatelech Secondary

May 15, 2024

After thoughtful consultation involving students, staff, the Parent Advisory Council (PAC), and the District Accessibility Committee, we have developed an updated floor plan to improve accessibility and convenience. As a result of the feedback we received, the universal washroom will now feature two accessibility stalls, each equipped with a sink to provide a more accommodating environment for all users.



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