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Trustee Blog – First Peoples Principles of Learning and Compassionate Systems Leadership

In June we focus on our value of celebration and there are many opportunities to practice and demonstrate our value of celebration this month. One of the celebrations that has become increasingly important during my time on the Board is Pride. And June is Pride month!

Submitted by Trustee Sue Girard 

April 9, 2024

Each phase in the creation of the new Strategic Plan is exciting and we owe a debt of gratitude to the Writing Team alongside every stakeholder who has been involved for their hard work as they complete their sessions this Month. Their dedication and invaluable contribution have been instrumental in shaping a richly diverse and collaborative vision for our school district.

We are privileged to integrate two coexisting frameworks into our educational settings – the First Peoples Principles of Learning and Compassionate Systems Leadership. Together, they enhance and foster a holistic, inclusive, and empathetic learning environment.

The First Peoples Principles of Learning draw on Indigenous knowledge, viewing learning as a lifelong journey enriched by relationships, storytelling, and a profound connection to the World. It highlights the significance of experiential learning and the wisdom passed down by Elders and families.

Compassionate Systems Leadership complements this by incorporating systems thinking and compassion into educational leadership. This approach enhances understanding of complex school dynamics and promotes empathy, encouraging Educators to create caring, supportive spaces where students and staff can achieve.

Merging these perspectives, educational environments transform and excel. They prioritize not just academic success but also the building and development of self-awareness, respect for Indigenous ways of knowing, and an appreciation for diverse worldviews. Educators guide students in valuing the Ancestry of our First Peoples with insights of diverse perspectives, whereby a life lived with respect, integrity and a deep sense of belonging is fostered.

Schools that embrace these interwoven principles celebrate a learning culture that respects First Nations traditions while nurturing forward-thinking and resilient Leaders. This collaborative mindset promotes sustainability, equity, and a recognition that individual well-being is innately connected to the collective futures of our students for generations to come.

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