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Superintendent’s Report to the Board | October 2023

Circle of Care: Students

  • Grade 7 Leadership Program: More than 40 students district-wide have shown interest in the innovative Grade 7 Leadership initiative created in partnership with United Way BC and Sunshine Coast Community Schools. Open to all Grade 7 students, this program aims to foster connections among peers, providing opportunities to learn about leadership and collaborate on activities to enhance the school year. This free, weekly after-school program will be hosted at their prospective high school, uniting Grade 7 students who aspire to build friendships and contribute to positive change. Engaging in outdoor activities, games, team challenges, and exciting visits from guest speakers, participants will explore aspects of themselves, each other, and the diverse ways in which we all possess leadership qualities. (1a)
  • In the final week of September, On the Road Science World delivered engaging in-person shows to all SD46 Elementary schools, providing “fun, inquiry-based demonstrations that pique science curiosity, boost science literacy and inspire future science and technology leaders.”The excitement was palpable as numerous hands shot up in response to the question, “Who wants to be a scientist?” and the sparks of curiosity shone brightly. (1c)
  • Elementary Sports Cross Country Annual Series kicked off this month with ‘The Gumboot Gallop’ at Cliff Gilker Park, followed by the Cross-Country Team Challenge at Kinnikinnick Elementary, and concluding with the Cross-Country Gibsons Grind. (1g)

Circle of Care: Staff

  • SD46 Appreciation Week: During the first week of October, we celebrated the exceptional and devoted SD46 staff and PACs/DPAC partners! Facilities and maintenance staff were celebrated on International Custodian Day. Teachers were celebrated on International World Teacher’s Day. District, school, classroom support staff, administration staff, leadership (October is also National Principals’ Month), exempt staff, bus drivers, and DPAC and PACs were also celebrated during the week. (2a)
  • September Pro D Day: The September 25th Professional Development Day was a wonderful opportunity to weave together the strands of the SD46 ‘Ensouling Our School’s’ braid. Jo Chrona’s session reminded us that Indigenous-Informed Pedagogies are Powerful Pedagogies – that are strength-based, inclusive, grounded in relationship and have challenging (and attainable) learning goals. Teachers worked together to learn the Spaces platform, where students will post their first reflections on their core competencies and goals, and support staff focused on strategies for student engagement and reflection.  Everyone was able to work with Katie White to deepen our learning on supporting the development of thinking and feeling human beings who will become increasingly responsible for their own decisions and actions. “By supporting students to notice their Core Competencies – and creating opportunities for students to learn how to reflect on their learning and set goals for themselves, we are contributing to an educational shift…one that truly engages students as active and engaged in their journeys of themselves as learners.”  (Katie White, Student Self-Assessment) (2b)
  • We welcomed international literacy expert Matt Glover in-person to the Sunshine Coast on October 10th. His focus was on “Using Mentor Texts to Support Student Writers – Kindergarten to Grade 8.” Empowering children to create compelling writing is enhanced when they have a clear vision of their work and are immersed in a collection of real-world texts. Through the exploration of authentic published pieces, we delved into strategies for incorporating mentor texts throughout writing instruction. Additionally, we discussed preparing for a unit by utilizing a stack of mentor texts to generate teaching possibilities. (2b)
  • Joint SOGI Letter: The Board of Education, in collaboration with the Sunshine Coast Teachers’ Association (SCTA) and CUPE 801, issued a joint statement this past month to affirm our unwavering support for inclusivity, diversity, and the promotion of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity rights within our educational community. (2c)
  • Inclusion Support Teachers from across the district gathered for the first monthly meeting of the year. These meetings have been a long-standing structure in our district. In addition to learning and collaborating, the meetings provide support and networking opportunities for ISTs. Feedback from these meetings is extremely positive especially from teachers new to the role or to our district. (2c)
  • Compassionate Systems Leadership Team Training: Our district has established a dedicated CSL team! Four members of our Educational Leadership Team recently participated in a week-long training on Compassionate Systems Leadership, led by the Ministry, in Surrey this month, aiming to enhance this approach within our district. (2d)
  • Early Dismissal Days: Informal learning updates and family conferences are happening this week in elementary and secondary schools. Early dismissal days have been modified this year to synchronize with the new reporting order, facilitating connections with families ahead of the formal reporting period. Across the district, early dismissal days release one hour earlier, allowing teachers and families the additional time to connect. (2e)
  • Throughout September, School Based Teams worked hard to prepare for the Ministry 1701 Preparation includes creating and updating plans and consultation with students, families and outside agencies. Later in the month, Kate Turner and Christa Rive visited every site to meet with School Based Teams. The extensive preparation was evident as was the care with which students were held. (2e)

Circle of Care: Community

  • Strategic Planning Update: We’ve initiated a community-wide survey to collect input on the Board Visioning, and we eagerly anticipate the upcoming stages of our Strategic Planning engagement. (3a)
  • SD46 Compost, Garbage and Recycling Sorting Stations: In an effort to prolong the landfill’s lifespan and reduce overall waste production on the Sunshine Coast, the SCRD has introduced new regulations for garbage, recycling, and compost. In alignment with these regulations and for the betterment of the environment, new waste sorting stations have been implemented at all school facilities this year. (3d)
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