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Superintendent’s Report to the Board | November 2022

Circle of Care: Students

  • Child Care Updates: (1b)
    • Kirsten Deasey’s title has changed and is now District Principal of Learning, Innovation and Child Care.
    • SD46 is now operating four Seamless Day Before & After School Care and two JustB4 preschool programs.
    • In Madeira Park we are moving forward with the ‘New Spaces Grant’ funding to build more child care spaces. We’ve surveyed the property and are investigating the underground stream to determine impact on the site plan.  We’ve recently secured an architect to develop and submit permit applications. 
    • We are also communicating with the Sunshine Coast Regional District to explore whether land adjacent to Cedar Grove elementary school grounds might be a good location for a child care centre to be situated.
    • A more in-depth report on Child Care will be submitted December as part of the Strategic Plan Reports: 1b Early Years.
  • CLVR Expansion: We are entering our second full school year in which we are utilizing clevr, our comprehensive, electronic referral workflow system. With careful consideration of each school’s unique needs, we are able to continue to grow the clevr platform in our district.  Along with the addition of new electronic forms, we have broadened the scope of practice this year to include School Principals, District Principals and Counsellors. In September we completed our first 1701 data collection in which we used the workflow of clevr to audit each school’s request for ministry designation and to ensure that the appropriate paperwork accompanied each request.  We found the process to be well-organized, communicative and efficient! (1f)
  • Equity Scan Update: In our third and final year of our Equity in Action process, we are working through an inquiry with staff on the final seven questions and conducting inquiries with students, families and the community with guidance on how to collect data from the teachings of Shane Safir in her book, Street Data. We aim to have this data collected by the end of January. (1h)
  • Careers Updates: (1l)
    • District Career Coordinator Cathy Gordon participated in the Indigenous Career Fair hosted by the Sechelt Indian Band, Friday November 4th.
    • We hosted a meeting of Industry Training Association staff with local apprenticeship students and parents to talk more about opportunities in trades related work.

Circle of Care: Staff

  1. HR Update: Director Bishop presented to SFU graduating Education Students, to help orient them to the new world of teaching and to learn more about the Sunshine Coast School District. (2a)
  2. October CUPE Professional Learning Day with Kevin Lamoureux: All CUPE staff were invited to Chatelech Secondary for a very special professional learning day on October 21st of learning, connecting and sharing together. Rita Poulsen conducted a lively session of shíshálh language learning followed by a virtual session with Kevin Lamoureux on deconstructing ‘other’. Afternoon offerings included a Learning Walk and Talk with Alphonso (Sito) Salinas, shíshálh Traditional Wellness Coordinator, and a Longhouse Learning gathering at the shíshálh Longhouse as well as virtual session with Kim Barthel on Trauma Sensitive Practice. (2b)
  3. BCSSA Conference and Learning for Leadership: Many individuals from our Ed Leadership Team had the opportunity to attend the BCSSA Fall Conference in early November. Colleagues from across the province connected in Vancouver for sessions on learning and leadership. Highlighted speakers included Jordan Tinney, Jo Chrona, Carolyn Roberts, Shelley Moore, Gillian Judson, and Leyton Schnellert. (2d)
  4. Compassionate Systems Leadership, Ladder of Inference and Data Walk: This year, the Ed Leadership Team has been working closely with Caroline Picard in bringing Compassionate Systems Leadership into our schools and departments and weaving this effective leadership training model into our work with Ensouling our Schools and School Growth Plans. In November, the team was introduced to the Ladder of Inference model and applied this to a data walk using the latest Ministry data from the ‘How are we doing?’ Report. (2d)
  5. (D)PAC Learning Opportunity with Betty Baxter: On November 9th, the District Family Engagement Committee hosted a learning opportunity and evening of connection for DPAC and PAC representatives. Betty Baxter facilitated a session on ‘How to Run an Effective Meeting, Facilitate Engagement and Work Together in a Meaningful Way’. (2e)

Circle of Care: Community

  1. Inclement Weather Notice for staff and families: As winter weather nears, the district communicated a reminder of our inclement weather protocols to all staff, students and their families by email and through our social media channels and website in preparation of what one can expect if such conditions arise this season. (3a)
  2. New Foundry coming to Sunshine Coast: We are very fortunate to have a new Foundry centre coming to the Sunshine Coast. Once open young people aged 12-24 and families/caregivers on the Sunshine Coast will have access to free and confidential health and wellness supports to fit their unique needs. The Foundry will bring mental health services, substance use supports, physical and sexual health care, youth and family peer support and other social services to provide care in an integrated and individualized approach for BC young people. (3c)
  3. Sunshine Coast Collaborative Care Conference: SD46 recently co-hosted the Sunshine Coast Collaborative Care conference, a highly engaging conference geared to better understand the existing roles and resources available in mental health for children and youth on the Sunshine Coast. Representatives from Vancouver Coastal Health, Sunshine Coast Community Services, RCMP, shishalh nation, SD46, Division of Family Practice, Ministry of Children and Families and Child and Youth Mental Health, Paediatricians and Psychiatrists shared information about roles and resources with the goal of working together to remove barriers to referrals and to more efficiently access existing supports within our community. There was overwhelming positive feedback from the participants. Data from the conference will inform next steps to a more coordinated approach to accessing supports on the Sunshine Coast. (3c)
  4. Ukrainian Students: Retired Principal Barry Krangle continues to support the school district with our international programs. He has been working with a number of our Ukrainian students connecting them to each other and areas around the Sunshine Coast. (3g)
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