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Superintendent’s Report to the Board | February 2024

Circle of Care: Students

  • The registration for Kindergarten began on February 12th! We’re excited to welcome new kindergarten families into our school communities. We encourage families to register online through MyEd or to visit their local school office for registration. (1b)
  • Literacy Week 2024: From January 22 to 26, SD46 students enjoyed captivating ZOOM sessions with amazing Canadian authors like Kenneth Oppel, Karina Zhou, Kim Spencer, Karl Subban, Jack Wong, Valerie Sherrard, Natalie Hyde, Andrea Fritz, Samantha Beynon, and Kallie George. A huge thank you to our partnership with the Writers Festival and everyone involved in the ‘Celebration of Authors, Books, and Community’ for making this event a memorable experience! In addition, schools created a week of unique opportunities to celebrate literacy from theme days to whole school activities. (1d)
  • Accessible In-School Health Clinic Services at Pender Harbour Secondary: Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the School District 46 Health Schools Committee, comprised of representatives from various organizations, including Vancouver Coastal Health Public Health Nurses, VCH Nutritionist, and VCH Tobacco and Vaping Reduction Coordinator, Sunshine Coast Regional District Recreational Services, and School District Staff, students have access to a new in-school health clinic service at Pender Harbour Secondary School. This clinic is currently available once a week and offers a range of essential services to students, including lunch and health promotion activities. The dedicated Nurse Practitioner will be present every Tuesday from 12-2pm, providing comprehensive support in areas such as sexual health, physical health, and mental health. This initiative aims to enhance the overall well-being of students within the school community. (1f)
  • Black Excellence Day and Black History Month: On January 15th, Burnaby Schools and the Ninandotoo Anti-Racism Society organized the third annual Black Excellence Day event for students in grades 4-12. Our district and youth and staff from across BC participated in this inspiring virtual event to stand in solidarity with Black Canadians. Moreover, From February 1 to February 29, people across Canada will be marking Black History Month events and festivities that honour the legacy of Black people and their communities in Canada. The 2024 theme for Black History Month is: “Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate; a Future to Build”. This theme celebrates the rich past and present contributions and accomplishments of Black people in Canada, while aspiring to embrace new opportunities for the future. The theme aligns with the 10th year of the International Decade for People of African Descentand recognizes that people of African descent represent a distinct group whose human rights must be promoted and protected. We continue the work at SD46 of creating an equitable, diverse, and inclusive environment for all. Events like these are important and powerful ways to bring awareness, learn and grow together, and advocate for change.  (1h)
  • Careers Update: (1l)
    • Salmon Enhancement Hatchery Visit
  • Pro Cook class toured Salmon Enhancement Hatchery recently.
  • Learned about Chum Salmon’s ecological importance and hatchery’s role.
  • Explored forest for wild mu shrooms and discussed First Nations’ edible plants.
    • Culinary Showcase at Chatelech Secondary School
  • Pro Cook students prepared and served lunch to demonstrate skills.
  • Aimed to encourage enrollment in the program.
    • Course Completion Celebration
  • Held at the end of January for parents/guardians, trustees, and senior management.
  • Students displayed culinary skills with a flavorful lunch.
  • Awaiting SkilledTradesBC theory test results for student pass rates.
    • Train in Trades Carpentry Program
  • Fully enrolled with 14 students
  • Industry guests visited, provided safety gear, and inspired students with career talks and a field trip to St. Pauls hospital construction site.
    • Early Childhood Education (ECE) Online Courses
  • One SD46 student continuing ECE online course for ECEA certification in May.
  • Another student completed 2 ECE courses last semester and is near ECEA application submission.
    • BCIT Enrollments
  • Two SD46 Grade 12 students enrolled in BCIT for helicopter mechanic and Metal Fabrication.
  • Train in Trades programs unavailable for their chosen careers; SD46 sponsored tuition.

Circle of Care: Staff

  • Navigator’s Nook: The Navigator’s Nook session on January 31st, offered by our Family Support Navigators: Karys Foley, Vivian Bott, and Sarah Joseph, delved into the challenges of specific behaviours in the classroom within complex conditions and trauma. The session aimed to resource educational staff in School District 46 with effective strategies to understand these behaviours and provide much-needed support. Attendees were encouraged to share their experiences, fostering a collaborative atmosphere to provoke critical questions and identify solutions and additional support systems. (2b)
  • Trustee School Tours: Trustees and senior management will embark on visits to all schools in the district on four specific days: February 12, April 29, May 13, and June 3rd. These visits are another wonderful way to witness the unique and exceptional work being carried out in our schools. (2d)

Circle of Care: Community

  • Strategic Plan Update (3a, 3c)
    • On January 29th, we convened at the Band Hall for a shíshálh Nation Listening Circle with the Elders, aimed at informing the creation of the new strategic plan. This preliminary session will set the stage for more extensive listening circles scheduled for February 29th, where we will continue to respect and integrate the perspectives of rightsholders throughout this process.
    • Writing Team: The composition of the writing team for the new strategic plan is now complete, including representatives from rightsholders, parents/caregivers, SCTA and CUPE members, and the Educational Leadership Team. This team will engage in four writing day sessions, starting on February 20th and concluding on April 18th.
  • The School Calendar for 2024-2025 is currently out for public consultation until February 22nd.  After this period, it will return to the February Committee of the Whole for a final review and then presented at the Board Meeting on March 13th for final approval and submitted to the Ministry. (3a)
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