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Message from the Chair – May 2023

As the board embarks on a review of our current strategic plan I want to reflect on one of our values - ethics, and to ask ourselves what do we mean by the statement that we value ethics? There are many interpretations about the meaning of ethics and ethical behaviour.

Submitted by Chair Amanda Amaral

May 10, 2023

Our values of respect and responsibility are the focus in May. At SD46 our values of respect and responsibility are defined as “we support a culture of mutual respect and shared responsibility through individual and shared growth”. Our district is growing. We are growing in the number of learners we serve. We are growing in the number of staff we employ. We are growing in the programs we offer. We are growing in the diversity of staff, students and families. There are so many ways we are growing together! However, what does this mean for us as a district? How have we done this by holding the value of respect and responsibility close to our work? Where do respect and responsibility shine?


Reflecting on the values of respect and responsibility since the introduction of the current strategic plan, I started to see many examples of these values in action. We have had a steady increase in staff and students alongside a growth in the overall capacity of the district. I believe we have done this with mutual respect and shared responsibility. A great example of growing the capacity of our district is the transition of Langdale Elementary to a nature-based primary education program. With this transition, our staff have the opportunity to build their skills, knowledge and capacity in nature-based education. Our community has the opportunity to reimagine what public education can be and our students will soon have an opportunity to build their competencies in different ways. The growth that allows for this program to launch next year comes from mutual respect and shared responsibility within our circles of care: students, staff and community.


Other areas of growth in the capacity we have witnessed during the course of our strategic plan has been with our district’s food in schools and childcare programming. The introduction of these programs and offerings has been exemplary of our definition of respect and responsibility. Each of these programs have been carefully grown to fit our community’s unique needs and circumstances. As we move forward with this work, I believe that respect and responsibility will be the key value that supports our success.


As we start to prepare for the strategic planning process, it is a wonderful reminder of the impact of values. From our decisions as a board to our daily operations, it is evident that values support the work we do and the values of respect and responsibility allow us the security needed to grow.


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