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Message from the Chair – December 2019

It was a month full of listening and learning, sharing ideas and projects with our staff, our community and our fellow elected governments. The list is long, but all are noteworthy. The role of a trustee is an important one, and we all take that role seriously.

Below you will find the list of activities the board participated in over the last month, individually and as a team.   It was a month full of listening and learning, sharing ideas and projects with our staff, our community and our fellow elected governments.  The list is long, but all are noteworthy.  The role of a trustee is an important one, and we all take that role seriously.

November 14 – Trustee Haines attended the Halfmoon Bay Elementary PAC meeting.  They are planning a ‘make and take’ family event in lieu of a Christmas concert.

November 19 – The district’s Public Budget Consultation was held at Chatelech Senior Secondary.

November 20 – Trustees Leech and Ruth met with Superintendent Bocking for their regular bi-weekly meeting. Trustee Girard attended the Langdale Elementary PAC meeting

November 21 – Trustees Girard, Hampvent, Ruth and Leech went to the Gibsons Library Thank You Celebration.  Trustee Hampvent noted the incredible opportunities that our students have at the library as an extension of our community.

November 25 – Intergovernmental Meeting hosted by the Town of Gibsons.  The event was attended by all trustees, including our student trustee, Jessica Carroll.  Superintendent Bocking presented a fabulous 12-minute Zoom recording of five of our 6 student trustees.

November 26 – Trustees took part in the following board committees:

Operations Committee: Trustees Hampvent, Leech, Haines, Ruth, Girard

Committee of the Whole: All trustees were in attendance

Education: Trustees Girard, Leech, Ruth, Amaral

November 28 to 30 – BCSTA Academy.  Trustees Ruth, Leech, Haines, Amaral, Ste. Marie and Student Trustee Carroll went to the two-and-a-half day conference for trustee professional-development.  Some of the speakers were Severn Cullis-Suzuki on Climate Activism, Eli Mina on Robert’s Rules, Anthony McLean on Mental Health and Inclusivity, Brian Woodland on Leadership and Simon Jackson speaking on Nature Literacy.  Discussions from the Minister of Education and the Ministry of Education in respect to the Funding Model Review (FMR) and the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning (FESL) were also on the agenda.  The concurrent sessions included a blanket exercise, a mental health & well-being workshop, English Language Learners and settlement specialists presentations, as well as other Ministry of Education initiatives.  A BCSTA survey has gone out to all those in attendance.

November 28 – Trustee Hampvent attended the DPAC meeting.  Miyuki Shinkai made a presentation from BCCPAC encouraging parents to attend board committee meetings.

December 2 – Ministry Announcement at West Sechelt Elementary with the Honourable Rob Fleming, MLA Nicholas Simons, Chair Ruth and Trustees Leech, Girard, Hampvent and Haines.  11.2 million dollars is being awarded to School District 46 to add an additional 6 classrooms, a daycare and a learning hub onto West Sechelt Elementary.  Completion is expected by 2021

December 2 – Madeira Park Elementary PAC meeting was cancelled, but Trustee Haines reported that the school will be performing the Nutcracker at the Community Hall on December 17th.

December 4 – Trustee Haines attended the Pender Harbour Secondary PAC meeting. They are getting new support from the community to help with their hot lunch program.  

December 5 –Trustee Girard attended the Cedar Grove Elementary PAC meeting. 

December 9 – Trustees Ruth, Girard, Leech, Hampvent were honoured to attend the Farewell Ceremony for visiting students from India at Elphinstone Secondary. We wish them well in their journey home!

Next month’s board report will be full of wonderful entries regarding the Christmas concerts, performances and activities that we will be attending over the next few weeks.  Have a wonderful Winter Break, everyone!

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