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District Update


Dear students, staff and community,

School District 46 is an organization built on deep values that inspire confidence, a shared community and a learning environment that enables each child to be successful as they follow their unique paths to their bright and beautiful futures.

Our board is deeply committed to the children and youth of the Sunshine Coast. The district is in year two of the board’s Strategic Plan, a plan that is based on student, staff and community consultation, continuous communication, data analysis and educational research and the strengths of our learning and coastal communities.

The district has moved steadily ahead with a wide range of initiatives and has pursued strategies that are having a profound impact on communication structures, finance and facility improvements, wellness for students and staff, learning opportunities, Indigenous and inclusive education.

Our school leaders and department managers are the best. They collaborate with their staffs, their students and their communities to deliver a joyful learning environment for our students that is resulting in an ever-higher completion rate for all of our students.

Our staff work every day in every capacity to support our students. Our schools sparkle because of the work of our facilities staff. Our schools are highly respected in our communities due to the commitment of our administrative assistants and the way that they represent our schools in the front offices. Our education staff, teachers and educational assistants, are the rocks that our students stand on to reach ever greater heights as they live, learn and play.

Our community is behind our district. Partnerships with community agencies, local governments, businesses and other institutions of learning ensure that we deliver the support to our students that we all need in order to be successful.

We have worked through almost a year of the COVID-19 pandemic with an approach that has been relentless for health and safety protocols, and relentless for kindness and mutual support. We have ensured that our priorities and behaviours reflect what is most important during this time: the physical and mental health of our students and staff. Our remarkable staff have delivered a deep dedication, compassion and focus to managing and leading through this crisis. We have great reason for optimism in the coming months for vaccinations to be able to move beyond COVID-19 and the learning and cultural challenges that this pandemic has imposed upon us.

Given the strengths of where the district is right now, it is a good time to introduce a shift in the district leadership team. Accordingly, I will be retiring from my position at the end of July of this year. The timing is such that the board has ample time to engage in a search for a new superintendent who will lead the district to the very bright future that I know it has with its amazing students, staff and community.

I very much look forward to continuing to support the board and our remarkable staff and students throughout this school year.



Patrick Bocking

Superintendent of Schools

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