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2024NRSD4609 | Ed Leadership Team 24-25 Announcement


For Immediate Release


May 16, 2024

School District 46 Announces Changes in Educational Leadership for the 2024-2025 School Year

SUNSHINE COAST, BRITISH COLUMBIA School District 46 (SD46) is excited to share updates to its Educational Leadership Team for the upcoming school year, 2024-2025. These changes reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering irresistible educational experiences for students.


Congratulations on Retirements:


We extend heartfelt gratitude to Elphinstone Secondary Vice-Principal Jeff Marshall, Sunshine Coast Alternative School Principal Carolyn Spence, and Halfmoon Bay Elementary Principal Glen Smith as they retire from their roles. Jeff concludes a remarkable 25-year tenure, Carolyn caps 27 years of incredible service, and Glen concludes an impressive 33-year career with the district. We wish them all a fulfilling and joyful retirement.



We are pleased to announce the following reassignments:

  • Bernadette Marie will assume the position of Principal at Halfmoon Bay Elementary, succeeding Glen Smith.
  • Paula Stroshein-Martinez assumes the principalship at Kinnikinnick Elementary, with Bernadette Marie joining Halfmoon Bay Elementary as Principal.
  • Chris Lekakis, currently Principal at Pender Harbour Secondary, will lead the Sunshine Coast Alternative School/SPIDER Secondary/Continuing Education, succeeding Carolyn Spence.
  • Rae-dene Pednaud, presently serving as Principal at Davis Bay Elementary, will assume the leadership of Pender Harbour Elementary/Secondary, taking over from Chris Lekakis.

Welcoming New Leadership:


We extend a warm welcome to four outstanding individuals joining our Educational Leadership Team:


  • Jean Janzen assumes the role of Principal at Davis Bay Elementary, succeeding Rae-dene Pednaud, who transitions to the principalship of Pender Harbour Elementary/Secondary.
  • Meg Chamberlin steps into the role of Vice-Principal at Chatelech Secondary, while the current Vice-Principal, Paula Stroshein-Martinez, ascends to the position of Principal at Kinnikinnick Elementary.
  • Whitney de Beer is set to take on the role of Vice-Principal at Kinnikinnick Elementary, marking the creation of a new leadership position.
  • Hilary Watt brings her expertise to Elphinstone Secondary as the incoming Vice-Principal, succeeding Jeff Marshall.


Jean Janzen brings a unique blend of expertise to our district, with significant contributions to nature-based, Indigenous, and inclusive education. Jean’s leadership experience extends to K-8 and K-12 schools in Ontario and Nunavut, where she championed initiatives that prioritize Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and culturally relevant and responsive education. She also co-developed and led an interdisciplinary environmental education program for many years. Her commitment to fostering inclusive environments shines through her transformative work, which includes integrating Indigenous perspectives into the curriculum, restorative practices, and establishing mental health programs to support student well-being. With a Master’s in Educational Leadership and Policy from the University of Toronto and various specialized qualifications, Janzen is dedicated to creating collaborative learning communities where every student feels seen, heard, and supported.


With twenty years of educational experience spanning multiple continents, Meg Chamberlin has consistently demonstrated a profound commitment to fostering inclusive and transformative learning environments. She joins us after serving as Deputy Head Academic at Copperfield International School in Switzerland. She also spent several years as Principal at Stratford Hall in Vancouver, following fourteen years teaching across the disciplines. Meg holds a Master’s degree in Human Security and Peacebuilding from Royal Roads University and a Bachelor’s in Education from the University of British Columbia. Known for her dynamic approach to education, Meg has led significant initiatives such as an Indigenous Artist in Residence program, trauma informed and restorative practice for educators, relationship building with community partners, and comprehensive mental health education. Fluent in English, French, and conversational in Spanish, Meg’s multilingual proficiency and dedication to inclusive education make her an excellent addition to the Chatelech Secondary learning community.


Whitney de Beer joins us with over a decade of teaching and educational leadership experience working with learners across various age groups, most recently at the Sunshine Coast Alternative School where she excelled in innovative roles with the FLEX and SHARE programs. Whitney holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Victoria where she focused on Indigenous Education, and later earned a Master of Education in Educational Leadership and Administration from UBC. Whitney’s deep understanding of alternative educational pathways, combined with a strong commitment to equity, inclusion and inquiry-based learning, makes her an ideal leader to foster an engaging and supportive learning environment. 


Hilary Watt brings over twenty-seven years of educational experience, serving as both a teacher and an administrator dedicated to fostering inclusive learning and promoting student belonging. She also has extensive experience promoting mental health literacy, both as a teacher and vice-principal within the Vancouver and North Vancouver school districts. Her qualifications include a Master of Arts and a Bachelor in Education, specializing in Physical and Health Education and English. Hilary’s professional journey has been marked by her commitment to educational equity and her adept leadership in implementing the redesigned curriculum and integrating First Peoples Principles of Learning into school practices. Her innovative approach and dedication to community engagement align seamlessly with our district’s values of learning, belonging, integrity, and equity. 

We anticipate the invaluable contributions Jean, Meg, Whitney, and Hilary will make to our learning community. We believe these changes will enable us to maintain an outstanding learning experience for students. We are confident that our new and returning principals and vice-principals will bring unwavering dedication and energy to support the staff, students, families, and the learning community of School District 46 – Sunshine Coast.

Welcome to the 2024-2025 Ed Leadership Team!



Superintendent of Schools

Kate Kerr

Assistant Superintendent

Jennifer Roberts

Director of Instruction for Inclusive Education

Christa Rive


Nic Weswick

Director of Human Resources

Jim Vair

District Principal of Indigenous Learning

Kerry Mahlman

District Principal of Learning, Innovation and Child Care

Kirsten Deasey

District Vice-Principal of Learning and Innovation

Desiree Harris

Cedar Grove Elementary Principal

Lia Cuccurullo

Davis Bay Elementary Principal

Jean Janzen

Gibsons Elementary Principal

Lynda Brisebois

Halfmoon Bay Elementary Principal

Bernadette Marie

Kinnikinnick Elementary Principal

Paula Stroshein-Martinez

Kinnikinnick Elementary Vice-Principal

Whitney de Beer

Langdale Elementary Principal

Jenny Groves

Madeira Park Elementary Principal

Nicole Zilkie

Roberts Creek/SPIDER Elementary Principal

Duncan Knight

West Sechelt Elementary Principal

Olwen Cowan

Chatelech Secondary Principal

Mark Sauer

Chatelech Secondary Vice-Principal

Meg Chamberlin

Elphinstone Secondary Principal

John Brisebois

Elphinstone Secondary Vice-Principal

Hilary Watt

Pender Harbour Elementary/Secondary Principal

Rae-dene Pednaud

Sunshine Coast Alternative School Principal

Chris Lekakis

PDF of Announcement

For more information, please contact:

Stephanie Murawsky 

Executive Assistant to the Superintendent | Communications Officer

T: (604) 886-4489



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