Superintendent’s Report to the Board of School District No. 46

(Sunshine Coast)

September 13, 2017

1.    Students

a.     Vancouver Coastal Health will join our staff to survey our kindergarten students for a variety of skills in literacy, numeracy, fine and gross motor development, speech and language development, dental, hearing and vision. The process has been designed to be fun and playful for the students.

b.     Students are in place for the year in almost all classes across the district. At the elementary level students participate in culture and team building exercises and academic work for up to a few days and are then placed in their classrooms. At the secondary level students were organized for lockers and timetables prior to the first day of school with adjustments taking place as needed based on enrolment changes and student learning needs.

c.      Foundation Skills Assessments will take place using a different format. The assessments can be completed between October 2nd and November 10th. The redesigned Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) is aligned with the redesigned curriculum and reflects the recommendations from the Advisory Group on Provincial Assessment (AGPA). The FSA has a focus on collaboration, communication, critical thinking, and the foundations of literacy and numeracy.

d.     Terry Fox runs are taking place this month in many of our schools.

2.    Staff

a.     Reading supports in place for elementary.

      i.     Levelled Literacy Intervention– a comprehensive approach for supporting our most vulnerable students.

     ii.     CARE– school teams working collaboratively to enhance reading capacity for all of our students.

b.     Principals have worked with their staff to ensure optimum learning conditions in all of our classes while working within the provincially negotiated   Memorandum of Agreement. Communication is a priority with our staff and union partners as we navigate new staffing parameters.

c.      The overall DPAC schedule with topics and locations will be finalized this week.

d.     The Math Committee considers primary math to be critical for supporting our students learning needs. The first Primary Math Support with Carole Fullerton took place on September 12th. Further training will take place using our CAMP (Collaborating About Math in Primary) program.

3.     Community

a.      Aboriginal Education staff have met with Sechelt Indian Band administration to review SIB student data and the success of students.

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