Superintendent's Report to the Board – March 8, 2017

1.     Students

a.     The Maybe Something Beautiful Early Years Fair takes place for children from birth to age five and their families. This annual celebration and community resource gathering takes place on Saturday, April 1st at the Sechelt Learning Centre. Come to see the mural making, petting zoo, pony rides and farmers market. Learn about the programs and services in our community, health information, and developmental screening.

b.    The Sunshine Coast Musical Theatre Group presented Pirates of Penzance to thunderous applause on Friday and Saturday nights. Special note of thanks to teachers Sara Douglas and Tom Kellough for outstanding dedication to music for young people.

2.     Staff

a.     Teachers learned focused literacy-teaching strategies from educator and author, Miriam Trehearne. Such is the energy from this workshop that many teachers are considering a book club based on Miriam’s book, “Multiple Paths to Literacy.”

b.    Over 40 teachers and principals gathered at Roberts Creek Elementary School for another session to collaborate and deepen their understanding of communicating student learning using FreshGrade.

c.     Principals and Teachers-in-Charge trained in Emergency Preparedness with a facilitator from the Vancouver School District.

d.    Counsellors and HACE teachers were given another opportunity to work with Jessica Woollen, certified Sexual Health Education Teacher on February 17th.  Jessica is also offering many Askable Adult sessions for parents at various schools in the upcoming months – please see the School District website for details.

e.     Two workshops will be offered to Educational Assistants during the first week of Spring Break: Positive Discipline with Sara Joseph and Sue Lamb and Play It Fair/High Five training with Ted Chisholm. The district will also offer a new 2-day session of Mental Health First Aid on April 3rd and 25th.

3.     Community

a.     The district is sharing the SPARK! Program materials with the Sea to Sky School District. This program, developed by Coordinator Kirsten Deasey to support parents as their children approach their educational journey with our schools, has been remarkable successful. Educators from other districts have also visited and are excited to import the program to their own districts.

b.    Teachers Eran Foreman, Pam Blair and Moira Quinn organized a very successful “Life Skills Transition Fair Night” for parents of students who may be accessing supports from Community Living BC after their child graduates.  The evening included guest speakers who gave information on topics such as Representation Agreements, navigating the Disability Tax Credit, housing, transportation and career opportunities.  We would like to thank all of our community partners who joined us in providing this service to parents, especially Eva Pedersen, Child and Youth with Special Needs social worker with MCFD, who worked closely with school staff to plan and host the event.


Strategic Plan Report

1 i. Our students will achieve the mathematical skills required for academic and life success.

Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater. – Albert Einstein



Our community, including our District Student Leadership Team, emphasized that a sound understanding of numeracy and financial literacy are important to them for life success. Further, provincial data helps us to understand where our strengths and challenges are in the area of mathematics.


Elementary Mathematics

Students in Grade 4 demonstrate a varying numeracy level according to the provincial Foundation Skills Assessment. From the 2011 to 2016 results have moved from 82% to 67% for aboriginal students. With the small cohort we expect fluctuations and will continue to review our work in this area. 2011 to 2016 results have hovered below 90% for non-aboriginal students.

Students in Grade 7 demonstrate varying numeracy ability. From the 2011 to 2016 results have bounced around the 70% level for aboriginal students. From the 2011 to 2016 results have hovered around 75%.  It must be noted that there is significant up and down movement during these years in both age groups due to the small cohort on the coast.

Secondary Mathematics

We see steady improvement for all students in the blended final mark for students in these two courses. From the 2011 to 2016 results we see students have steadily improved from a 90% pass rate in the Foundations and PreCalculus program to a 95% rate. Students scoring a C+ or better moved from 57% to 67% in the same time period.

All students improved their Apprenticeship and Workplace Math 10 marks during the 2010-2016 time period as well. Non-aboriginal students improved their marks from 32% to 55% receiving a C+ or better. 94% of aboriginal students successfully passed this course with 91% of non-aboriginal students successfully passing this course.

Financial Literacy

Students and parents indicated during the strategic plan consultation process a strong interest in having financial literacy skills as they leave their secondary program. We appreciate that the Sunshine Coast Credit Union has partnered with us to deliver a financial literacy program for our secondary students.

Next Steps:

The district Mathematics Committee is developing a plan to meet the strategic plan goal. Included will be consideration of teacher input regarding training, resources and the implications of the new curriculum.

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