Superintendent’s Report to the Board – November 9th, 2016

1.     Students

a.     The Mathematics Committee is reviewing a recent survey to all teachers regarding their need for support to enhance their teaching particularly in the context of the new curriculum. A number of action plans are being developed to ensure excellent staff training, resource allocation and parent involvement.

b.     The Annual Sugar Bowl soccer tournament was another big hit! The post-Hallowe’en excitement allowed our students to enjoy soccer, decent weather and working as teams.

c.      Principals are finalizing their Growth plans in consultation with staff and parents this month in line with the Framework for Enhancing Student Achievement. (covers many strategic goals)

d.     A Post-Secondary Institution day will be happening Monday, November 14 at Chatelech Secondary with students from all schools in attendance. There will be 12-14 post-secondary schools. We have a large group of non-traditional schools, including smaller schools and Institutions from eastern Canada like Waterloo and McGill.

2.     Staff

a.     Twenty-four teachers, counsellors and administrators attended a two-day training in Positive Discipline recently.  The district will also offer parents a seven-week session next January. The teachings of Positive Discipline are filled with non-punitive, respectful tools that incorporate kindness and firmness, help get to the core of misbehavior and bring more joy into our relationships with children.

b.     Approximately 55 teachers and principals gathered to deepen their understanding and skills for communicating student learning with parents. More experienced teachers worked with those who are just learning in an atmosphere of support and encouragement.

c.      Teachers and parents continue to develop their understanding and application of the new curriculum utilizing funds provided for this purpose.

d.     Cheryl Wilson, our District Careers Coordinator, is busy preparing for our ACE IT Carpentry program starting second semester at the Habitat for Humanity site. Student and parent meetings are scheduled for later this month

3.     Community

a.     Our thoughts are with the families, students, staff and community of the Abbotsford school district following an apparently random attack on two of their students. We continue to be vigilant at our schools to care for and protect our students and staff with drills and entry protocols for visitors to our schools.



“The more that you read, the more things you will know.

The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” Dr. Seuss

Strategic Plan Report

Goal 1.b.: Our students will read at or beyond their grade level. They will discover the joy in their reading!

Goal 2.b.: Our staff will support reading and all teachers will be reading teachers.

Reading is fundamental to the education of our students. Reading is the piece in our schools that we must do right regardless of any curricular changes and other realities impacting education. Reading is the gateway to future school and life success. Staff in our schools deeply believe this and are ensuring that we achieve one hundred percent of our students reading at grade level by grade three and enjoying it!  Teachers in grades four and higher continue reinforcing reading strategies for their students and “catch up” those who have not been successfully reading at grade level to this point. To this end, much is happening by engaged, energetic and amazingly skilled staff who know and are deepening their learning about how to meet the needs of our diverse learners.
·      All elementary schools have Reading as their first goals in their school growth plans.
·      Reading Committee continues to meet once each month. This supports teachers with in-service workshops, materials and resources.
·      CARE Project team members (up to five staff from each school) meet monthly to share strategies for reading supports, including workshops and professional development opportunities. Upcoming events include:
o   November 23 – after school reading series that will highlight a range of books for K-12, with a focus on collaboration in the classroom.
o   January 16 – workshop focusing on aboriginal literary resources and how to weave aboriginal elements into the curriculum.
·      September was Literacy Month, celebrated with Word on the Water (storytelling on BC Ferries sailings) and Word in the Woods (story walks through the woods at all elementary schools).
·      Coast Reads launched on October 24. Eight novels and one primary book were selected for this year’s program.
·      The WonderWheels Bookmobile saw an increase in readership in K-3 readers over the summer, likely due in part to the promotion at elementary schools before summer break.
·      Schools and the district scour budgets for reading resources for classrooms and school libraries.
·      The Imagination Library continues to be a popular program, funded in part through generous donations from the Sechelt Lions Club and private donors.

Next Steps:
While we are very proud of our progress to date, we continue to deepen opportunities for students.
·      Next school year secondary teachers will have opportunities to examine what it means to be a “reading teacher” in all subject areas.
·      Community school partnership is critical during the summer to support reading levels particularly for our most vulnerable readers. We look forward to deepening these initiatives next year.

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