Superintendent’s Report to the Board – May 10, 2016

1.    Students

a.     Summer StrongStart will run this year again. The highly flexible program ensures young and even “not-yet” students have summer-long opportunities to access books and other learning activities in a supportive environment. The district is adding a strong partnership with our community schools to the summer plan.

b.     “Positive Discipline” parent education programs have been highly popular. Enthusiastic parents have appreciated learning how to be most supportive to their children.

c.      Elementary and secondary students shared their thoughts about their education with their principals and aboriginal education staff as they paddled on the Sechelt Inlet.

d.     The district Mathematics Committee will meet in late May to review current evidence, practice and curriculum and to move forward next year with the development of a district Mathematics plan.

e.     The district is looking forward to offering ACE-IT Carpentry and Professional Cook programs for our students next year. Offerings of other work experience options will also be enhanced to meet the diverse aspirations of our students in their final years of school.

2.    Staff

a.     Teachers from all elementary schools are working with District Coordinator Sandy Magnussen to develop skills with iPads, and are then supporting their colleagues to imbed the technology within their educational programs.

b.     School principals have applied for Excellence Mini Grants to address Strategic Plan priorities in their schools. Their creative ideas support the district mission at the individual school level.

3.    Community

a.     The Dry Grad campaign of the Liquor Distribution Branch has provided $8,253 to our schools to develop fun, safe and exciting graduation celebrations for our students.

b.     Middle Years Developmental Instrument reports are out for schools, and will be available in mid-May at the district level. The reports summarize our students’ sense of their physical health and well-being, connectedness, social and emotional development, school experiences and use of after school time. This work is a partnership with the Human and Early Learning Partnership at UBC under the leadership of Dr. Kim Schonert-Reichl.

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