This initiative was developed to support teachers working with colleagues to develop curriculum, assessment, and evaluation practices and teaching strategies. Approximately half of all our teachers participated in this initiative.

Summary of Teacher Collaboration Projects:

  • Incorporate UDL (Universal Design for Learning) into Science 9

  • Place-Based learning activities for grade two Science

  • Read-Well program into Special Programs

  • Heart-Mind learning to improve the well-being of children and academic performance (Dalai Lama Summit)

  • Enhance and extended Experience-Based learning through Outdoor Theatre, Theatresports and Student Mentors

  • Global Food Issues project

  • Edmodo program and Quizlet to support review

  • Explore new curriculum in Math, Science and Social Studies

  • Culinary Tourism

  • Strategies to support students with severe anxiety and autism

  • Young Readers Inquiry Project – reading strategies and grade expectations

  • New Science and Math curriculum

  • Online tools and resources for English 10

  • Adapted Math Curriculum

  • Second Step program – social emotional skill development

  • Literacy Centers

  • Communication Matrix – an assessment tool for students with special needs

  • Develop new Technology projects

  • Peter Seixas – Big Six Historical Thinking Concepts (applied to SS 11)

  • Strategies for incorporating cultural ‘hands-on’ teachings into classes

  • Strategies and resources to support ELL (English Language Learners)

  • Differentiated learning strategies for Math 8 and Science 8

  • Create a new Fitness Training Unit

  • Review IEP model to support strategic collaboration planning sessions

  • Review instructional and evaluation practices

  • Supporting differentiation in the Elementary Music Program

  • New initiatives to support students with special needs

  • RTI (Response to Intervention) protocols

  • Cross-curricular activities

  • Team teaching Initiatives at the primary level

  • Social Emotional Learning – process for learning life skills

  • Daily 5 – literacy development

  • Enhance ‘Artistic Mediums’ as a vehicle for students to demonstrate their learning

  • Technology tools to support student learning

  • Reporting student progress with Portfolios

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