Superintendent’s Report to the Board of School District No. 46
(Sunshine Coast)

June 13, 2018

1. Students
a. Elementary students ran, jumped and threw at the Elementary Schools Track Meet on May 31st at Elphinstone. Staff and students enjoyed the day of friendly competition as they performed the skills learned in their physical education classes and after school practices.
b. Band Blast was a blast! All grade 7 band students came together on May 10th in the Chatelech School Gymnasium to present to their fellow students, and then as an entire group playing together on the same piece. Spectacular!
2. Staff
a. The FreshGrade communication platform continues to be of great interest to many of our teachers, students and parents. The schools in the Innovation Project have deepened the use of the tool and it is well accepted.
b. The SD 48 (Sea to Sky) leadership team came over to meet with our leadership team to compare notes of addressing the curriculum and other challenges and opportunities faced by school and district leaders. They visited Elphinstone Secondary to learn more about the inclusive model being employed there and to have a delicious breakfast provided by the teacher, chef and students of the Cougar Café. They learned about the Chekwhelp story pole, new build processes and gender-neutral student washrooms at Gibsons Elementary.
c. The Superintendent met with Ministry staff and all superintendents to review curriculum and other implementation issues in all districts. The positive energy in the room suggested a team approach in B.C. education.
3. Community
a. Our first Annual Family Expo was a huge success!  On May 25th we had Deborah MacNamara as the keynote speaker, who talked to parents about the need for children to learn resilience and how to foster this valuable skill development.  The next day, over 55 registered families and many drop-ins attended a day of workshops, free yoga, chair massages, and an amazing lunch hour concert with Charlotte and Matt Diamond.  Thank you to our many community partners who provided information booths for families - Open Door, MCFD, Vancouver Coastal Health, DPAC, Family Smart, and the RCMP. Stay tuned for next year!
b. Our district participated in the cross-Ministry Mental Health Conference on May 10th and 11th in Richmond.  Dr. Stan Kutcher presented "Mental Health Literacy", a new program for secondary students designed to increase knowledge and decrease stigma.  We are sending a team of three in September to become trained and facilitate this program in our schools.


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