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Message from the Chair – January 2016

Best wishes to everyone in School District No. 46 for a peaceful, productive year filled with engaging learning!

Our January board meeting included a report on Early Learning as per our strategic plan item 1a.  In addition to the many incredible things our early learning team does, we are now launching an initiative to support parents in Positive Parenting strategies in collaboration with the Sunshine Coast Early Years Council and Early Years Centre. Our StrongStart staff have been trained as facilitators for this innovative workshop and a session will be held on the Coast in early February for others interested in becoming facilitators.  More support for parents and a commitment to offer the best possible opportunities in our community is core to our values of collaboration and inclusion.  Kudos to the Early Years team for getting this started.  The Board of Education was happy to hear of new opportunities to engage and support parents in our district.

Two other new partnerships were presented to the board this month.  Great work is beginning with Capilano University on an Aboriginal Youth Leadership program for students in their grade 11 and 12 year. We are delighted to continue to build our partnerships with our local university.  The other new partnership is a cooperative effort with our local libraries to encourage students and their families to use their local libraries regularly. In the coming spring, we encourage all students to pick up  a library card and know the benefits of having access to their community library.  

As is in evidence everyday in our school district, our community is so much stronger when we work together!

News & Updates