Message from the Chair – February 2016

In our strategic plan goal 1d we commit that our students will: "develop the social and emotional skills to successfully live, work and play together; they will have the resilience to deal with life's challenges".  We all often talk about social and emotional learning but rarely do we get the chance to really examine the many programs and activities happening to fulfil this goal.  This month the Board of Education have a very detailed report from our Director of Student Support, Vanessa White at the Education committee meeting and a further report at the public board meeting. It is truly remarkable how many services are being offered to help students develop strong social and emotional skills and how much our staff is involved in professional learning and community partnerships to make sure we offer the best programs possible.  Counsellors are offering in class learning  experiences on friendship skills, anxiety prevention, conflict resolution, sexual health education, sleep and nutrition just to name a few.  Our district is also fortunate to have a mindfulness program led by the Roberts Creek Community School that is having positive impact on the district and parents are involved in that program as well. We are also very fortunate to be working in partnership with ministries and other organizations to provide research and prevention programs. For more detailed information please see Director White's presentation as part of the Education Committee minutes in the package for the Board meeting of February 9, 2016. We are very blessed to have such committed staff and community support to move towards this goal.  Our students will benefit greatly.

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