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  • DPAC Meeting Minutes - September 28, 2017

    DPAC Meeting Minutes

    Sept 28 2017

    Chatelech Secondary Library

    In attendance: Miyuki Shinkai, Andy Bloemhard, Rachel Watson, Heather Ingram, Lynda Brisebois, Christine Hardt, Udo Rosenberg, Dave Mewhort, Patrick Bocking, Marilyn Baines, Allyson Fawcus

    Regrets: Jo Thomson, Patty Sheilds

    7:07 meeting commenced



    May 25th meeting minutes – 1st Christine Hardt, 2nd Miyuki Shinkai

    Sept 28th agenda – 1st Rachel Watson, 2nd Heather Ingram


    Regular Reports:

    Chair’s report – Reminder that DPAC AGM will be next month Oct 26th 7pm in the Chatelech Library and all executive seats are open for nominations. No nominations were put forward at that time. Nominations can be submitted via email to or the night of the AGM.


    Treasurers Report:

    Savings account - $728.26

    Chequing account - $1431.81

    The Gaming grant has not yet been approved or deposited but that’s not unusual, expecting funds of $2500 to be available by mid Oct.


    Board Report:

    The board report information is in the Superintendent’s report.


    Additional Committee Reports:

    See below for Marilyn’s reports.


    Superintendent’s Report: (presentation slides are in a dropbox link here:

    Patrick Bocking started by mentioning the District has 5 new ‘Activity Buses’. These are new 23 passenger busses with added safety features, like roll cages etc. These buses will be used for transporting students to and from events in the district and beyond. Ei: Band performance, sports match etc. The funds for these buses came from a Ministry Grant that also included training for those with a class 4 license. The training included how to do safety checks etc.


    Two more school’s in the District will be getting solar panels in an effort to make our schools more energy efficient. Elphinstone already has these panels. The new panels will be going on Davis Bay Elementary & Pender Harbour Elementary. In cooperation with Mark Giltrow, a professor from BCIT, the District is looking at ways these locations can become self supporting for emergency purposes.


    Linda Brisebois expanded on this and pointed out that our District is wanting students to make a connection with our outdoor spaces as well. Many of our schools are enhancing the outdoor play spaces that the students already enjoy. Patrick added that the Nature Program at Davis Bay Elementary is a great example of embracing hands on learning.


    Patrick had a presentation for us to show how well Canada, BC and our district is doing in terms of student success. He said our district is focused on Reading and Comprehension from K-3 as this proves to make a huge difference as students move on through the grades.


    Open Q&A from the members:

    Christine Hardt – asked about the timing of the release the draft calendar. She pointed out that many families have to submit their holiday requests by Oct 31 of each year and for example this year many booked the last 2 weeks of December for Winter holidays but the Winter break for the schools is the last week of December and the first week of January. Parents are now scrambling for child care for that last week and have already booked trips during a time when school is in session. Patrick explained that the school calendar is based on many factors and much of it comes from the wording in the Union Contract. He will forward this wording so it can be passed on.


    Marilyn Baines – Asked if the new Draft Policy has been accepted or still available for input. She feels there could be some changes to the wording as it may be giving the wrong impression. Dave Mewhort mentioned that Policies can be changed at any time. If DPAC or a PAC would like to request a change they can submit this request directly to the Superintendent for review by the Board. Please review this Draft Policy (attached) with your PAC members and forward your feedback to Patrick pbocking@sd46.bc.caor myself and I will pass it on to Patrick.


    Marilyn also mentioned that Vanessa White has offered to present the findings from the MDI’s. If PAC’s are interested, DPAC can have her speak to the findings at one of the meetings.


    A few links/handouts & reminders that Marilyn wanted to pass on:


    Reminder– AIDS/HIV Regulation is coming up for review


    Link/Reminder– Jyl Shatford is our Parent in Residence and is there to help any parents with information on how to navigate the system when your family is in need of guidance. Visit this link for information

    She also hosts a monthly webinar at Roberts Creek School called ‘In The Know’ links and past videos can be found at www.familysmart.caor


    Link– The DPAC sponsored workshop that was held in October 2016, ‘What’s Up with Our Kids Mental Health?’ is now available to view on the SD46 website under the ‘Parents’ tab under ‘Mental Health – Youth’ or follow this link


    Link/Reminder– The CYMH Collaborative is holding an Opioid Dialogues session Oct 21 from 2-4 in the Gibsons Library&Nov 7 from 7-9 in the Sechelt library. Contact Marilyn if you’d like more information on this.


    Meeting adjourned 8:40

    Next meeting October 26th Chatelech Library, AGM – Election of new executive

    Thu., Jan 1 '70 @ 12:33AM

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Message from the Chair - October 2017

October is one of the favorite months for the Board of Education as that is when we have the swearing in ceremony for the new student trustee to join us at the governing table for school district decisions.  Each year a grade twelve student is chosen from the membership of the District Student Leadership Team and that student is introduced to the Board at our October public meeting.  On Wednesday, October 11, Pearl Deasey from Chatelech Secondary School became the student trustee for the 2017-18.

Pearl was a member of the DSLT last year and showed she will be a strong trustee with a verbal report on September activities across the district, including feedback on a new app available to students and teachers as well as reporting on student spirit rallies across the district.

School District No46 (Sunshine Coast) and School District No. 39 (Vancouver) are the only districts in BC that have a student officially as a member of the Board of Education.  Our Board has been advocating to the Minister of Education for several years to formally encourage other districts to incorporate the voice of students to their board deliberations.  Pearl, in her official capacity as a trustee, will join representatives from the Sunshine Coast at the BCSTA Academy in late November to assist us in presenting "The Courage to Work Together: Governing to Create Communities of Learning" as one of the optional workshops at the conference. This is an opportunity for trustees from across the province to see how important collaboration is in our district and how  strong student voices add to those collaborations. 

 All our elected trustees look forward to working with Pearl and it is a great pleasure to welcome her to our board.

Superintendent's Report to the Board - October 11, 2017

Superintendent’s Report to the Board of School District No. 46 (Sunshine Coast)

October 11, 2017

1.     Students

a.     Students in grades 4 and 7 have begun completing the Foundation Skills Assessment as of last week and can complete it during the month of October.

o   Many students, staff and community members participated in Terry Fox runs. More than an event at many of our schools, this is an opportunity for our students to develop an understanding of persistence, sacrifice and dedication to a cause.

b.     Staff are learning about Google Chrome computers particularly on applications to accessibility. Most of the Chromebooks are at the secondary level at this time.

c.      Secondary students from across the district will be attending a conference at Elphinstone Secondary School to learn more about options that are available to them after their high school career is completed. Special thanks to Pender Harbour teacher Scott Bruce for his diligence in putting this event together.

2.     Staff

o   District Teacher Librarians are keen to prepare for Coast Reads again this year. Coast Reads has proven to be highly motivational for many students and staff.

o   District staff has been working diligently with the Sunshine Coast Teachers’ Association to collaboratively ensure the Memorandum of Agreement signed by the provincial parties is appropriately implemented. We are now at a stage where solutions to remedy issues are being addressed and implemented.

a.     District staff attended the BCSSA Metro Fall retreat to share and learn about succession planning across the metro region. There is a clear need for support and recruitment to these critical roles in all districts.

3.     Community

a.      In partnership with our Aboriginal Education staff, our students participated in Syiyaya. Our Families. Our Stories. Students prepared meaningful artwork and deepened their relationships with their own culture and community. This was a project of Canada150.

b.     A new cohort of Educational Assistants has begun their two-year training program at Capilano University to become Educational Assistants, potentially in our district.



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