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Superintendent’s Report to the Board of School District No. 46
(Sunshine Coast)

December 12, 2018

1. Students
a. Seven experienced educators assessed the grade 4 and 7 Foundation Skills Assessments for our district to enable us to plan effectively for continued student improvement in Literacy and Numeracy.
b. WE DAY – 212 students and teachers had an amazing day listening to Craig and Mark Kielburger, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, Peter Mansbridge and students from all over BC talk about Mental Health and global citizenship. It was an amazing experience! A group of our students and sponsor teacher, Laurie MacHale were invited to the Honoured Guests’ Breakfast to hear about the new upcoming pilot of WE Wellbeing that we are rolling out this January.
c. Students excitedly participated in elementary Volleyball tournaments for grades 4 to 7 in November. Many thanks to Jim Gray for massive amounts of coordination and experience to make it all happen.
d. Our students will be bursting with song and celebration during the run up to the holiday season!
2. Staff
a. Student Support Service Teachers met on November 30th for a full day of training on the new MyEd Competency Based IEP and will be continuing to move our district forward in this area.
b. January Non-Instructional Day. (2a) Most educators will participate in school-based activities.   Other options for teachers in the district include:
i. Elementary:
1. Uncovering the Core Competencies
2. Core Competencies Literacy and Self-Assessment
3. Teaching Personal Safety/Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Prevention for Intermediate Students 
4. Grade 4 – 7 teachers: Learning about, "Kids in the Know" sexual abuse prevention/personal safety program.
ii. Secondary:
1. Science World
2. ERAC,
3. Google Apps and Read and Write. 
c. Career Education staff attended the Career Education Society Annual Conference to develop a wider array of teaching and learning ideas for our students’ career preparation.
d. Teacher Librarians facilitated an opportunity for secondary teachers and school leaders to review educational materials from ERAC and several BC publishers. The new curriculum is motivating teachers to look at new resources and pedagogy to effectively teach the revised BC Curriculum.
e. Teachers at Elphinstone attended the first Mental Health Literacy Go To Educator training on November 27th – thanks to staff, Wendy Charters and Susan Bailey for delivering this important curriculum.

3. Community
a. The District Parent Advisory Council examined the relationship of technology and learning at the November DPAC meeting at PHSS. The next meeting will be on January. 24th at Elphinstone Secondary School.
b. The Habitat For Humanity Key Ceremony for 3 families at the Wilson Creek Sunshine Coast Village took place in November. The District’s Train in Trades Carpentry program is a partnership with Habitat For Humanity to build the homes while gaining career skills.
c. Our first Grade 7 drug panel took place at Gibsons Elementary on Dec. 4th – big thanks to our partners at CYMH, VCH, RCMP, Community Services and the local GP's for supporting this initiative.
d. Parent Engagement: regular sharing of videos to celebrate the importance of family connections.

Schools will dismiss one hour earlier than their set times on the following dates:
Wednesday, November 28th and Thursday, November 29th, 2018
Wednesday, March 13th and Thursday, March 14th, 2019

**This does not apply to SCAS students**

All buses will arrive for their afternoon runs 1 hr earlier than normal.

Early Dismissals:

Schools / Pick Up Time
Cedar Grove – 1:30 PM
Davis Bay – 1:40 PM
Gibsons –  1:50 PM
Halfmoon Bay – 1:25 PM
Kinnikinnick – 1:15 PM
Langdale – 1:36 PM
Madeira Park – 1:51 PM
Roberts Creek – 1:41 PM
West Sechelt – 1:46 PM
Chatelech – 2:20 PM
Elphinstone – 1:59 PM
Pender Harbour – 2:10 PM

Superintendent’s Report
Submitted by Superintendent Patrick Bocking
November 14th, 2018
a.Students and staff reflected on the pain of past and current conflicts at Remembrance Day Ceremonies that were held in all of our schools on Friday, November 9.
b.Shannon Hanson, regional coordinator for the Industry Training Authority, spoke with Foods and Auto Service Tech classes to let them know more about careers in Trades.
c.Twenty Four Grade nine students from Elphinstone Secondary participated in a "Job Shadow" activity this term as part of their Career 9 class. All grade 9 students at Elphinstone will participate in this activity this year.
d.Eleven of our International students participated in a walking tour of Vancouver on October 24. We have two staff providing regular activities for these students throughout the year.
e.We have an ever increasing number of Work Experience and Apprentice students out in the workplace. Our District Career Coordinator supports students and the employers to provide these opportunities and help students gain valuable career skills.
a.Teachers and Principals continue their work on “CARE” teams at each of our elementary schools. Through training, collaboration and practice, teachers hone their skills in the teaching of reading and writing.
b.Teachers and Principals developed professional skills at the Primary Math CAMP with facilitator Sandra Ball.
c.Teachers explored strategies for working with people at the first of a series of Leadership sessions.
d.Staff learned how to support provide initial mental health support to students at a two-day Mental Health First Aid workshop.
e.Many of our Principals and Vice Principals are further developing their leadership skills in the BCPVPA, “Creating a Culture of Learning 2” program. Following a Sunday workshop, they attended Cedar Grove Elementary to visit classrooms, observe lessons, practice and deepen their observation and support skills.
f.Secondary Principals joined Metro colleagues to develop their skills and share strategies in the delivery of effective secondary programs.
g.Senior staff attended training opportunities on Human Resource management (BCPSEA), school safety (School Safety Association of BC, SSABC), system leadership (BCSSA), Communications, Indigenous Education (Ministry), Graduation Program (Ministry).
a.The October DPAC meeting was well attended by representatives from most PAC. Parents learned about mental health supports from Director White.
b.We are pleased to work with five dynamic Community School Associations which deliver before and after school support for our schools. Nutrition programs, homework programs, skills programs, empathy programs (Roots of Empathy) and much more are provided for our students.
c.Thanks to our partners at Child and Youth Mental Health (CYMH), especially Eva Pedersen, for organizing a joint learning session through BC Children’s Hospital on ADHD on November 7th.
d.Staff meet regularly with Habitat for Humanity to plan for the Spring Carpentry Youth Train in Trades (TRN) program.


New MediaSmarts research on the Digital Well-Being of Canadian Families

MediaSmarts is pleased to announce its latest research The Digital Well-Being of Canadian Families which focuses on the strategies and challenges of digital parenting today.

The research data outlines the latest digital activities of Canadian families focusing on children infants to 15, the concerns of parents, and the steps they take to ensure their family’s balanced and healthy use of digital technology. Some of the key findings from this report are:

1) Families are digitally connected and much more so in the last five years. Access to digital devices and the impacts of digital activities in families is increasing.
2) Parents are digitally skilled. In fact, parents thought they were more digitally skilled than their children.
3) Parents are moderate (or balanced) in their approach to digital parenting, but they are concerned about social pressures regarding digital use, and they feel social pressure to appear more strict.
4) Families need greater digital literacy supports. Digital literacy and skill levels impact the rates at which parents implement rules or guidelines to manage their child’s use of devices/screen time. Three out of four parents (81%) emphasized the importance of their child thinking critically about how they use digital devices.
5) 80% of parents are concerned about misinformation online for their kids which extends beyond just “fake news”. This is the top parental concern and something new for us at MediaSmarts.

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