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Superintendent’s Report to the Board of School District No. 46

(Sunshine Coast)

Superintendent Patrick Bocking

June 12th, 2019

  1. Students
    1. The Coastal Voices celebration on Thursday, June 6th highlighted the superb authors we have amongst our students. Students, teachers and parents were impressed and moved by the quality of writing. Many thanks to the Festival of the Written Arts for their support. (1b)
    2. Seven elementary schools wrapped up the ultimate season with a fun day of game play, clinics, and a mixed school game. Clinics were instructed by players from high school junior teams. (1e)
    3. The concert and jazz bands participated in the Sun Peaks Con Brio Festival. The concert band earned a gold medal and the jazz band earned a silver. (1f)
    4. The District Student Leadership Team coordinated the, “SD46’s Got Talent” show at 6:30 p.m. on May 22nd at Chatelech Secondary School. Many of our students displayed their talent and energy to an enthusiastic audience. (1f)
    5. The Environmental Education Committee organized a modest “mini-grant” program to further develop school gardens. (1g)
    6. Ten grade 3 classes have participated in a learning program from the Nicholas Sonntag Marine Education Centre (NSMEC). A combination of classroom and MEC visits worked successfully together to keep costs reasonable and learning exceptional. Many thanks to the NSMEC for their partnership on behalf of our students. (1h)
  2. Staff
    1. The next DPAC meeting takes place on September 26th at 7:00 p.m. Topics: The 2019 – 2023 Strategic Plan and the new Website (2d)
    2. The Educational Leadership Team visited the Sea to Sky District for a day of collaboration on moving our schools and districts forward. The focus was on data interpretation. (2f)
    3. The Aboriginal Education Team hosted the annual Nurturing the Learning Spirit event. Principals and students with aboriginal ancestry paddled to Porpoise Bay while sharing their thoughts about their learning journeys. (1j)
  1. Community
    1. The district partnered with local community libraries to offer viewings of the documentary ‘Angst’. A film that raises awareness around anxiety. (3b)
    2. Families are making summer plans for their children. The district Facebook page shares community postings of options for student workshops. (3b)
    3. The district shared our strategic plan overview at this year’s annual Intergovernmental Meeting held in Sechelt. (3d)

2019/20 Bus Registration is now open! Deadline: June 30, 2019. Register at:

19 20 Bus Registration Deadline

The concert and jazz bands have returned from this year's band tour to the Sun Peaks Con Brio Festival. The concert band earned itself a gold medal and the jazz band earned a silver.

Thank you to parents for supporting your kids' involvement in this important team-building activity. And a HUGE thank you goes out to Director Mr. Tom Kellough, and, Chaperones, Ms. Sara Douglas and Ms. Carol Comfort! What a great success!!

To enjoy the sounds of these bands:

Concert Band:

  • The Melody Shop by Karl King; arranged by Andrew Glover
  • Rhosymedre by Ralph Vaughan-Williams; arranged by Walter Beeler
  • Jitterbug by Robert Buckley; trombone solo by Delamare George (gr. 10)

Jazz Band:

  • Knuckleball Blues by Paul Baker; alto sax solo by Bela Ord (gr. 12); trumpet solo by Espen Swift (gr. 10)Nice Work If You Can Get It by George Gershwin; arranged by Dave Wolpe; vocal solo by Jamie Douglas (gr. 12); tenor solos by Sam McGarry (gr. 10)
  • The Jazz Police by Gordon Goodwin; bari sax solo by Jack Davis (gr. 9)

Superintendent’s Report
Submitted by Superintendent Patrick Bocking
May 8th, 2019
1. Students
a. The District Student Leadership Team is coordinating the, “SD46’s Got Talent”
show at 6:30 p.m. on May 22nd at Chatelech Secondary School. This is a fabulous
showcase of our students’ talent. Admission is by donation with proceeds going to
the Food Bank. (1f)
b. SOS - Students On Shorelines for Earth Week: Across the district, students and
staff cleaned up our Sunshine Coast shorelines. The Environmental Education
Committee, Sechelt Landfill, staff and students all worked together to show how
by working together we can make a real difference to our lands and waters. (1g)
c. The Student Leadership Forum took place on Thursday, April 18th. This was a
terrific opportunity for us to learn from our high school students as they reflect on
their learning, their school cultures and what is important to them. (1k)
d. Students from Pender Harbour Secondary and the Train in Trades program
competed in the April Tools boat building competition in Madeira. (1k)
e. Sam Robinson, Chatelech Secondary Student, won a gold medal in photography at
the Skills Canada Provincials competition.(1k)
2. Staff
a. Principals are working with their teachers to collaboratively delve more deeply
into the curriculum with the support of the Teaching, Learning, Collaborating (TLC)
fund. (2a)
b. The next DPAC meeting takes place at Elphinstone Secondary School on May 23rd
at 7:00 p.m. Topic: Transition from Schools Career Programs (2d)
c. A team of our staff will be attending the Adverse Childhood Experiences Summit
on May 9th learning more about trauma and adverse childhood experiences
which will be enhancing our skills in this area. (2a)
3. Community
a. The annual Recognition of Scholarship and Bursary Donors Tea will take place on
Thursday, May 9th. Our students are immensely fortunate to receive generous
support from our community! (3a)
b. Our International Students participated in a paddling activity with our Aboriginal
Education team and members of the Gibsons Paddling Club. (3c)
c. Community Schools coordinators met with staff in April to share current activities
and opportunities and further developing strategies to support our students. (3e)

Leech sd46

Submitted by Vice-Chair Leech: April was a busy month for SD46 trustees with our regular meetings, the District Student Leadership Team forum and the BC School Trustees Association AGM. Trustees are also attending the SCTA and the CUPE collective agreement bargaining meetings. Chair Ruth was also in attendance at the Industry Training Authority Gala on April 9th to acknowledge the work of increasing the numbers of students in these training programs.

Trustees, Superintendent Bocking, Secretary-Treasurer Weswick & Student Trustee Davis attended the District Student Leadership Team Forum on April 18th.

Sitting at assigned tables with a principal, a member of the leadership team and students we listened to their responses to a series of questions on social media, making connections, health and wellness and physical activity.

The student’s responses were thoughtful and enlightening.  For example, technology and social media are their methods of choice for communication and learning – there is no turning the clock back on that one.  They also had great awareness of the challenges associated with technology and social media – such as isolation and depression and the rising cost of staying current.  Many, many grade 11 & 12 students are working after school and on the weekends in part to pay for their phones and plans. They also see technology as a huge asset in political activism

Another popular topic was the need for ‘real’ life skills. How to file tax returns, pay bills, buy a house, get a mortgage, budgeting.  How to apply for university, jobs, and apartments.  They called it ‘adulting 101’.   We have been hearing about this need from parents and students during the strategic plan surveys and focus groups.  The new plan will reflect what we have heard in our goals (draft v. 2 April 2019 Our students will graduate with specific skills to navigate through life – or similar wording).

At our April Committee of the Whole meeting we went through the next iteration of the 2019/2024 Strategic plan.  Reviewing and refining the mission and goals of the plan.  The board is excited to see the next (and possibly final) draft at the May Committee of the Whole.

SD46 Trustees, Superintendent Bocking and Secretary-Treasurer Weswick attended all or part of the BC School Trustees Association AGM, April 25th – 28th.  It was an inspiring few days and a great opportunity for SD46 trustees to see how school boards fit into the provincial picture.  At the event we were reminded that school boards are at risk of becoming an endangered species!  Nova Scotia dissolved their democratically elected school boards last year and appointed an advisory council.  Quebec has introduced legislation that will abolish school boards in 2019.  And Manitoba has retained a consultant to review their school board model, this is the same consultant who recommended abolishing school boards in Nova Scotia so the outcome may be a forgone conclusion.  The Canadian School Board Association has chosen May 7th as school trustee advocacy day.

This sobering news makes us more aware than ever of the need to maintain, healthy, strong, accountable boards focused on our communities and also keeping our eye on the bigger picture as stewards of public education.   The relationship between BC’s Boards of Education and the BC Ministry of Education is currently as healthy as it has ever been and the Memorandum of Understanding recognizing the co-governance responsibilities for BC Public Education system was renewed in December 2018.

We heard from a couple of inspiring women – Gabrielle Scrimshaw and Monique Gray-Smith.  Both women are from indigenous backgrounds and shared the trials and joys of their journey’s as well as some fascinating statistics.  By 2026 Canada’s indigenous population is projected to account for 19.9 percent of the labour force growth, there are seventy thousand indigenous students in BC schools today and in 2026 forty thousand of those students will enter the workforce.  

At the AGM we also had the opportunity to meet our fellow trustees in the South Coast Branch of the BCSTA (SD47 Powell River & SD48 Sea to Sky).  Trustee Ruth was elected professional learning representative for the branch and Trustee Amaral is the new branch secretary. All three districts committed to strengthening our links and to meeting at least once per year to focus on possible joint initiatives and share our learning

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