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As you may know, a natural gas pipeline fire occurred on the evening of October 5, approximately 20 km. northeast of Prince George. No injuries were sustained and Fortis BC took precautionary measures by shutting down nearby operations. Fortis has since successfully restored flows in one of their two pipelines, and is now operating at 40% capacity to most of the communities of British Columbia. The second pipeline will be out of service for an unknown period, and as a result, the flow of gas will be below normal rates. Central government has been in close contact with Fortis and is working with them to coordinate priority supply to families and communities. To help mitigate the impact of the reduced natural gas supply, it is important for the public sector to do its part by reducing demand in a safe and prudent manner. With that in mind, thermostats of district buildings that are heated with natural gas have been turned down to 19 degrees.

Please remember to send your kids to school with additional layers if they will be cold.

Further communication with respect to the status of this incident, and when we can expect a return to regular natural gas operations, will be forthcoming.

All Trustee Candidates Meeting is being held at Elphinstone Secondary Library tonight from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

Superintendent’s Report to the Board of School District No. 46
(Sunshine Coast)

October 10th, 2018

1. Students
a. Most Kindergarten students have completed the screening process to identify potential challenges to their learning as well as to identify their level of literacy and numeracy skills.
b. Grade 10 students across the district have or will soon take part in Blanket Exercises to learn more deeply about the history of Indigenous people.
c. Many of our schools participated in Orange Shirt Days, in a variety of ways. This day recognizes the horrific federal policies related to residential school experience.
d. The District Student Leadership Team (DLST) has selected a new student trustee for the 2018/ 2019 school year. The person will be introduced at this meeting.
e. The DSLT is developing structures to ensure a regular flow of information between students and the DSLT and thence to the board.
2. Staff
a. The District Environmental Education Committee is developing plans for teacher training including special workshops with leading experts in the field.
b. World Teacher Day was Friday, October 5th. Staff were acknowledged in a variety of ways at schools and across the district.
c. White Hatter presentations are taking place in many of our schools for our students and evening presentations are in place for their parents. These internet safety sessions have been extremely informative and support safer online experiences for our students and their families.
3. Community
a. DPAC discussions centred on discussing agenda items for the new year and reviewing the current trends in student achievement in our district. The DPAC is interested in further discussions regarding mental health and technology.

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