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SPIDER Secondary | Distributed Learning

SPIDER Secondary | Distributed Learning

Students have the option of participating in the grade 7, 8, 9 cohort SPIDER (Students Participating in Distributed Education Resources) Secondary program (known as ProjectSPIDER) offering learning in a blended learning environment using a project based learning model.

SPIDER Secondary Distributed Learning also offers online grade 10-12 courses which lead to graduation. We cater to home schooled students, students from the local high schools taking courses at their own pace (faster or slower), adults who are completing a high school diploma and adults who are upgrading.

These courses are offered in a blended format. This means that all of the course content is online but students also have the opportunity to meet one on one with their teachers. Our courses are developed through the BC Learning Network which supplies courses to 50 districts in the province and to BC-curriculum international schools across the globe. Our teachers are all BC certified subject specialists who have years of experience teaching both in the classroom and in online learning centres.

Parents should contact the SPIDER Secondary Principal with regard to home school support programs for students in Grades 7 – 12.

*The ProjectSPIDER Secondary program (Gr.7-9) and Secondary SPIDER (Gr. 10-12) are currently full. Please contact the the SPIDER Project/Secondary Principal if you are interested in adding your child’s name to the waitlist. 

**This is NOT the NEW Sunshine Coast Online Distributed Learning program. More details on this program can be found here


For more information, families should contact the ProjectSPIDER Principal 

Secondary SPIDER (Gr. 10 -12)

For more information and register details, visit: SD46 Online


Community Learning Centre
5545 Inlet Avenue, Sechelt
(next to the Sechelt Post Office)


2-7 pm Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

What is the difference between distributed learning and traditional homeschooling?

  • Distributed learning (DL) programs follow the BC curriculum learning guidelines for school subjects.
  • Distributed learning programs or courses are taught by qualified persons who are certified by the Ministry’s Teacher Regulation Branch.
  • At SD46, we offer the following DL programs: Sunshine Coast Online (NEW), SPIDER (Students Participating in Distributed Education Resources) Programs: Elementary K-6,  ProjectSPIDER 7-9, and Secondary Distributed Learning 10-12.
  • SD46 SPIDER programs provide direct support to parents who have chosen to have their children learn at home. 
  • Students register with their catchment area school and,
    • For Sunshine Coast Online, also register HERE ( *On the SD46 Online site, click the Register tab: K-Grade 9 Students Register for SC Online. Grade 10-12 Students Register for Secondary.)
    • For the SPIDER programs, contacts the Elementary or Project/Secondary SPIDER principal to discuss their interest in the program. *SPIDER programs are currently FULL. 
  • Students are eligible to receive a British Columbia Dogwood Graduation Certificate upon completion of their high school studies.
  • For more on distributed learning in BC, visit the Ministry of Education’s distributed learning information page
  • Traditional homeschooling is an alternative method of teaching offered outside of the BC educational system.
  • Typically, a family member delivers the entire educational program to children at home.
  • Homeschool students register with their catchment area school, but are not required to follow provincially-mandated curricula.
  • Students are not eligible to receive a British Columbia Dogwood Graduation Certificate, unless they transition back to a traditional classroom in time to meet the graduation requirements. 
  • For more on traditional homeschooling in BC, visit the Ministry of Education’s homeschooling information page
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