Superintendent’s Report to the Board – December 7th, 2016

1.     Students

a.     An exciting hockey game will take place with all secondary schools participating. This celebration of our district collegiality of sport and of student engagement is supported by the District Student Leadership Team (DSLT). Funds raised will support the local food bank.

2.     Staff

a.     The Superintendent and Secretary-Treasurer will be attending PAC meetings throughout January and February to discuss parent engagement, transportation and the 2017/2018 school year budget.

b.     The consultation process to approve the district School Year Calendar has begun. We anticipate developing suggested school calendars for the next three years. We will be consulting with the general public, school and district PACs, the DSLT, school staff and unions. Calendar recommendations will come to the Education Committee on January 25, 2017.

c.      The Supreme Court of Canada has decided from the bench that they agree wit the provincial trial judge. That “the Province did not consult in good faith. Since the Province did not consult in good faith, it did not retain a meaningful process that protected the BCTF’s right to collectively bargain toward important workplace goals.” Consequently, the provincial parties must meet to interpret the language of the former contract in today’s context.

3.     Community

a.     Staff and students have prepared a wide range of imaginative and highly skilled winter concerts. The annual celebration of music allows parents and community to enjoy the hard work of their children and school staff. 


Strategic Plan Report: Technology
December 7, 2016

“Technology is just a tool. In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.” – Bill Gates

Goal 1.i.:  Our students will have the technical and social skills to navigate current and emerging technologies to enrich their learning.
As a tool for learning technology can enrich but cannot replace the human and social element of teaching.

The District Technology Plan has evolved to adjust for the changing technological needs of our staff and students.  This year the Technology Committee will review the current Technology Plan recognizing and continuing our key priorities:
Network Infrastructure
•    Yearly review of infrastructure, including connectivity and bandwidth utilization,
•    Next Generation Network (NGN) switch over almost complete,
•    Wireless network adjustments taking place,
•    Efficiency review.
Computer Hardware
•    Elementary computer replacement is almost complete,
•    Secondary school solutions to be addressed next,
•    Large influx of iPads purchased by schools,
•    Server replacement.
Other Technology Hardware
•    Schools will continue to purchase other technological solutions to aide and enhance learning.
•    Security of our data continues to be scrutinized.  District servers, switches and security software are up to date,
•    Computer security,
•    Internet safety for students and staff,
•    Storage and retention of information.
•    Assistive Learning strategies: Co-Writer and Snap & Read support learning,
•    ERAC Digital Bundle,
•    iPad App deployment,
•    Rolling out the new ‘Office/Word’.
Training & Support
•    Sophisticated training / professional development model in place,
•    Technology learning events,
•    SET BC,
•    TETT project,
•    Technology and the New Curriculum,
•    FreshGrade.
Technological Communication Changes
As our changing technological demands evolve the district adjusts how we communicate between ourselves, to parents, to the community and to our students.  This will be a year of change in the methods we use to communicate. We will see:
•    New email system,
•    New calendar system,
•    The start of new websites,
•    New collaborative storage,
•    Google storage within district.
Next Steps:
•    New servers, fibre links and technological training is taking place,
•    Transition plans with lots of overlap,
•    Clear communication regarding upcoming changes,
•    Training / instructions are being prepared,
•    Flexible timeliness in place and will be adjusted if circumstances require.

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