Superintendent’s Report to the Board – June 14, 2016

1.    Students

a.     A Celebration of Coastal Voices takes place on June 20th at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre. This is a superb opportunity to celebrate our students’ excellence in writing.

b.     Elementary students ran, jumped and threw at the Elementary Schools Track Meet on May 27th at Elphinstone. Staff and students enjoyed the day of friendly competition as they performed the skills learned in their physical education classes and after school practices.

c.      Band Blast was a blast! All grade 7 Band students came together on May 19th in the Chatelech School Gymnasium to present to their fellow students and then as an entire group playing together on the same piece. Spectacular!

2.    Staff

a.     Many school principals have applied for Environmental Education Grants from the Strategic Plan Fund to support outdoor learning opportunities for students. Funds have been spent on composters, garden supplies and resources and more.

b.     The FreshGrade communication platform continues to be of great interest to many of our teachers and parents. The five schools in the Innovation Project anticipate deepening the use of the tool in the coming year.

3.    Community

a.     Gibsons and Sechelt Public Libraries have been visiting our schools to lend excitement and to provide library cards to students from grades 3 to 7. In the fall, more students will have this opportunity at both the primary and secondary levels. Many thanks to the Public Libraries’ staffs for their partnership!

b.     Volunteers from Halfmoon Bay Search and Rescue completed the Pleasure Craft Operator’s Certificate Course with students from Chatelech Secondary School.

c.      Roberts Creek Community School sponsored the celebration of the Roots of Empathy Program for this year. Moms, babies and trainers shared highlights of the program as they helped students learn about developmental stages in a young child’s life and social interactions that develop a caring and supportive culture.

d.     The RCMP appreciates the recent use of Elphinstone Secondary School to practice their skills in the event of a crisis situation. We have long valued our association with the RCMP and their support for the positive learning environments in our schools.


Strategic Plan Report:

3a: Our district will communicate and celebrate the superb learning that is public education and particularly the work of our schools in our community and the world.

“Every day is a good day. There is something to learn, care and celebrate.”― Amit Ray


There is much to celebrate in the work that is done in our district by all of our students, all of our staff and all of the contributions to education by community members. Capturing every moment of success at the district level is unrealistic, but a philosophy of sharing and celebrating is a goal and value to be cherished to truly achieve “excellence in all we do.”


The board and district staff have a significant role to model communication and celebration. To that end we all embraced social media in many ways:

Website: modern, well maintained presence online that is a ready point of access for programs and other information including contact information.

• Facebook: Very steady sharing of exciting events around our district by students, staff and community members. 852 “likes.”

• Twitter: sharing and celebrating highlights of what we do. 719 followers.

• Email, texts, phone calls and in-person discussions occur constantly.

• Blogging by a number of educators.

• Staff receives regular EduCoaster updates to keep us all informed of district events and thoughts.

• Newsletters from our schools to their communities.

• FreshGrade is emerging as a promising tool for near constant communication, sharing and support among teachers, parents and students.

• Radio – children/youth convey messages of information and celebration (graduation, holiday starts and ends, etc.).

• PAC / DPAC – sharing school and district information and ensuring a voice for parents.

• Annual Report To the Community in the Coast Reporter.

• Professionally prepared materials to share the Board’s Strategic Plan.

• Regular “Education Matters” column in the Local by members of the Board.

• Synrevoice phone and messaging.

• Posters on B.C. Ferries to promote the joy of reading.  

Next Steps:

• An enthusiastic team of educators from five schools is working with their students and parents to develop communication strategies based on FreshGrade, an online portfolio and sharing site. 

• The Parent Engagement Committee has completed a comprehensive survey of parents about communication. Committee discussions in the fall will focus on parent feedback to plan for even deeper communication and celebration.

• We will continue to encourage a culture of sharing and celebrating all that we do!

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