January 9, 2017 Letter to Parents re FSA

Dear Parents and Guardians,

The Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) is an important opportunity that our schools have each year to assess the reading, writing and numeracy skills of their students in grades 4 and 7.  Individual FSA results are shared with parents. Classroom assessment of learning is the ongoing collection of student achievement throughout the year, which may or may not include parts or all of the FSA.

Key points regarding the FSA:

·      As with any other mandated program in our schools such as math or literacy instruction, the FSA is to be completed by all students in B.C. Exceptions to participation are rare and would include a family emergency, long term illness, extensive necessary adaptations or other extenuating situations. If you are wondering about an exception that might apply, please telephone or visit your child’s principal. 

·      FSA is aligned with the B.C. Performance Standards and is written and marked by B.C. educators.

·      FSA is not used by School District No. 46 to rank students or schools.

·      FSA is very similar to, and sometimes a part of, classroom assessments and is not damaging in any way for students. It is a good opportunity to practice the skills that students learn in class.

·      The total time taken for all activities, spread over several days, is approximately 4.5 hours. Of this, approximately 2 hours is spent completing the assessment at computers.

·      The FSA is a part of the School Act and its Regulations. It is a part of good assessment of students and will lead to a better understanding of effective instruction and is, therefore, a good use of instructional time.

·      Students with special needs are provided with accommodations to match their learning needs as identified on their Individual Education Plans.

You can support your child by encouraging him/her to do their best and, as for all school days, making sure he/she is well rested and attends school during the assessment period. Please do not hesitate to contact your school principal if you have any questions about your child’s education.

Please review the FSA brochure for further information.




Patrick Bocking, Superintendent

pc:       Principals, Trustees, SCTA President

Encl.    FSA Brochure


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