Superintendent’s Report to the Board – February 10, 2015

1.    Academic Programming

a.     The expanded music program that has been in place this year has been a very positive experience for students and music teachers. The district recently met with the Music LSA to review the program. In order to fulfill the vision for music the district will add a fourth teacher to the district music staff.

b.     Foundation Skills Assessments continue for grades 4 and 7 until February 20th. A team of former principals works together to mark the assessments from all of our schools.

c.      MyEducationBC is fully implemented in the district as of this month. Elementary schools have been using it since September and high school principals and teachers are all trained in the basic functions at this point. BCeSIS is no longer our student information system.

d.     The Education Implementation Committee (EIC) met to discuss the further implementation of the new provincial curriculum. The committee will utilize currently available time (staff meetings, administrative portion of the May Pro-D day) to in-service teachers. A plan will be developed for the 2015/2016 year for further training opportunities.

e.     Kindergarten teachers are completing the Early Developmental Inventory this month.

f.      Mental Health First Aid has been offered for the  first time this month.

g.     The SD 46 Technology website is now live and can be accessed from the district website.

2.    Operational

a.     District Parent Advisory Committee: Thursday, February 26th at 7:00 p.m. in the Chatelech Secondary School library. The agenda this month is focused on how the district and its partners support children and youth living with complex brain differences.

b.     The district partnered with the Sunshine Coast Teachers’ Association to present a New Teacher Orientation event on Thursday, February 5th. Teachers heard from District and SCTA representatives on a wide range of information items.

c.      Kinnikinnick officially opened its hot breakfast program on February 10th. A hot, nutritious breakfast will be an important support for KES students.

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