SD No. 46: The Right Direction

Superintendent's Report on Activities to November 2014

1.    Academic Programming

a.     The Davis Bay NEST program (formally the Davis Bay Nature Program) will be piloting a report card that does not include a performance scale this fall. Instead, the teachers will be communicating with parents for the three formal reporting periods using an anecdotal report card. These reports will supplement the portfolios, ongoing parent communication and an online “Digital NEST portfolio” which is under development. The teachers will ensure that parents are well informed and supported as they strive together to support student learning.

b.     The Environmental Education Committee has met for the first time since last year. The committee reviewed priorities including developing a straight forward student permission form. Further discussion to follow to prioritize how to best support environmental education in the district’s schools..

c.      The Learning Together project continues to provide opportunity to teachers to delve more deeply into their practice with colleagues and with a trained facilitator for each group.

d.     The November 21st Professional Development day will include a presentation on the new provincial curriculum. After that session principals will work on their own plans for the balance of the morning. Additional workshops will be offered in the afternoon for teachers interested in reading instruction and further discussion of the new curriculum.

2.    Operational

a.     CommunityLINK report: We have received the reports from each of our schools outlining wonderful support for our students. Major projects include nutritional programs, social and emotional learning supports, restorative justice programs and academic support programs. Much more direct link with school principals has resulted in very focused work to support our most vulnerable students in all of our schools.

b.    District Parent Advisory Committee: Parents provided initial input into the district calendar and discussed a variety of emerging district issues. Allyson Fawcus has been reinstated as DPAC chair for the 2014/2015 school year. Facebook users can access DPAC updates by looking for SD46 DPAC. The next DPAC meeting will take place on November 27th. The agenda includes Emergency Preparation and B.C. Food guidelines.

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