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New MediaSmarts research on the Digital Well-Being of Canadian Families

MediaSmarts is pleased to announce its latest research The Digital Well-Being of Canadian Families which focuses on the strategies and challenges of digital parenting today.

The research data outlines the latest digital activities of Canadian families focusing on children infants to 15, the concerns of parents, and the steps they take to ensure their family’s balanced and healthy use of digital technology. Some of the key findings from this report are:

1) Families are digitally connected and much more so in the last five years. Access to digital devices and the impacts of digital activities in families is increasing.
2) Parents are digitally skilled. In fact, parents thought they were more digitally skilled than their children.
3) Parents are moderate (or balanced) in their approach to digital parenting, but they are concerned about social pressures regarding digital use, and they feel social pressure to appear more strict.
4) Families need greater digital literacy supports. Digital literacy and skill levels impact the rates at which parents implement rules or guidelines to manage their child’s use of devices/screen time. Three out of four parents (81%) emphasized the importance of their child thinking critically about how they use digital devices.
5) 80% of parents are concerned about misinformation online for their kids which extends beyond just “fake news”. This is the top parental concern and something new for us at MediaSmarts.

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