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Happy New Year to all staff and students! May 2018 bring you joy and success in all of your endeavours.

2017 was a great year, ending in school holiday celebrations and the second annual North versus South Hockey game. The North and South Hockey game is an initiative of our District Student Leadership Team, as part of their ongoing efforts to promote increased student connectedness between high schools. It was a terrific game, with students and staff from Elphinstone and SCAS playing for the South squad, and Chatelech and Pender playing for North. It did look like the South would take the title this year, but after a hard-fought game, North came from behind to tie the game at three-all. The next DSLT event will be “SD46 Has Talent”, a district-wide talent event later this Spring. Stay tuned for more details!

Board elections were held at the December 13, 2017 Board Meeting. Thank you to the board for electing me as Chair and Pammila Ruth Vice-Chair. I am very excited to be the new chairperson for the Board of Education.

The Board has already begun writing motions for the BCSTA AGM in April - replacing wired glass in schools, student trustees, possibly others will be discussed at the Committee of the Whole January 23 ,2018. Committee meetings are public, so please feel free to join us.

Check out the January Board Report below for additional information on the board happenings over the past few weeks, and the new committee appointments for the upcoming year.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Warm regards,
Lori Pratt

Board Report from January 10, 2018 Board Meeting

There are no dreams too large, no innovation unimaginable and no frontiers beyond our reach. - John S. Herrington

Innovation: By encouraging creativity, risk-taking and pride in personal and collective achievement, we aspire to excellence. Encouraging creative thinking and risk-taking allows staff to delve deeper into curricular competencies, enhancing learning opportunities for students.

The world is constantly changing and with these changes come new challenges requiring creative solutions. Our students will need to develop new skills and abilities to be successful in their future endeavours. Valuing Innovation supports success for all students.

Board Happenings:

In the days since we last met, trustees attended various school holiday celebrations. Thank you to all students for participating and to all of our staff members for supporting student performances.

Upcoming Events:

Trustees will be visiting Schools over the next two weeks during our annual Trustee Visits to Schools. Everyone is looking forward to observing and participating in student learning.

Committee and Liaison Appointments January 10, 2018

Standing Committees and Other Internal Committees:

• Education Committee: Trustee Dixon, Vice-Chair Ruth (chair,) Trustee Younghusband

• Operations Committee: Trustee Baxter, Trustee Mewhort, Trustee Russell (chair) • Policy Committee: all trustees, Trustee Younghusband (chair)

• Joint-Use Committee (with SCRD): Trustee Mewhort, Chair Pratt, and Trustee Younghusband

• Aboriginal Education Advisory Circle: Chair Pratt. Vice-Chair Ruth (alternate)

• Superintendent Evaluation Committee: All trustees on this committee, meet 3 times per year, chaired by the board chair.
Please notify the committee chair if you are unable to attend a meeting


Trustee Liaisons to Parent Advisory Councils (PACs):

• Trustee Baxter – Sunshine Coast Alternative School, Roberts Creek Elementary

• Trustee Dixon – Kinnikinnick Elementary

• Trustee Mewhort – Chatelech Secondary, Pender Harbour Elementary Secondary, District Parent Advisory Committee

• Chair Pratt – Halfmoon Bay Elementary, Madeira Park Elementary and support for others as required

• Trustee Russell – Elphinstone Secondary, Cedar Grove Elementary (alternate for Roberts Creek Elementary)

• Vice-Chair Ruth – Gibsons Elementary, Langdale Elementary

• Trustee Younghusband - Davis Bay Elementary, West Sechelt Elementary (alternate for Kinnikinnick Elementary and Sunshine Coast Alternative School)


External Committees

Trustee Baxter: Alternate for Healthy Schools committee

Trustee Mewhort: BCPSEA Representative (elected)

Chair Pratt: Vancouver Coastal Health community liaison, Sechelt Indian Band, SCRD, Town of Gibsons, District of Sechelt

Trustee Russell: Youth Awareness and Action Committee (SCYAAC), SCRD Policing Committee, SCRD Transportation Committee

Trustee Ruth: BCSTA representative (elected), Healthy Schools committee, SCRD, Town of Gibsons, District of Sechelt

Trustee Younghusband: Alternate for BCSTA Representative


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