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Our October public board meeting was the first opportunity to begin reporting on activities and highlighting how those activities support our new strategic plan.  For anyone reading reports or checking out agendas for meetings, all our items are connected to our plan.  You may see references to "Goal 1.b.Reading" or "Goal 2.b Reading teachers" as in this month's Education Committee's agenda.  Sometimes there may not be a notation but all our work is in support of the plan and we try to be explicit as to how it is. As another example: this month the Operations committee will discuss the overarching long range plan for facilities at the October 20 meeting.

Fall is a busy time and with the reinstatement of the Policy committee, the board has 4 regular committee meetings each month (Operations, Education, Policy and Committee of the Whole). Each committee has a full agenda. The public Board meetings are on the second Tuesday evening of the month.  We approve the agendas for the month's committee meetings at the public meeting.  Those committee agendas are on the back of the blue agenda page for each month's board meeting. All of our committee meetings are open to the public so if there is an item you are interested in discussing, please come to the committee. These committees are where full discussion can happen.  If a decision is to be taken the committee makes a recommendation for the following board meeting for discussion and a decision taken by motion with a vote by trustees. 

We value input by all our stakeholders on these agenda items or any area of concern.  Feel free to contact me or any trustee if you would like to raise an issue."

News & Updates