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Message from the Chair – September 2015

"It's here! The strategic plan to guide SD46 for 2015-19 is now on the website and print copies are now being distributed to schools for staff and PACs. It looks terrific and we hope everyone will use it regularly to see how we are progressing on our goals throughout this year and onward. We'd love to hear your feedback.

The year is off to a good start with the good news that the auditors confirmed a $1.3 million dollar surplus last year.  As per our practice the past few years, the Board passed a motion at the September 8th public meeting to send 2/3 of the surplus to schools immediately. That means $875,000 is available to principals now to fund priorities that they were unable to assure could be funded in the spring budgeting process. Most of the remaining funds will be held for any surprises until the February amended budget process and then will be allocated based on that consultation. The Board did however, hold back $100,000 for costs that may result in the early implementation of our strategic plan as there are several areas where we aim to do more than we have in the past.  Having some resources will certainly help.

One of the areas highlighted in the plan is greater cultural learning with our First Nations partners and creating better awareness of diversity in our community.  Learning from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report released earlier this year is an important part of that and learning to correct the systemic racism in many of our community and school systems.  The Board discussed these issues and passed a motion in June that came to the public meeting this month. The motion directs our district to begin a major initiative to educate about these issues. Each of us must take up the responsibility to learn about the past and prepare for a better future.  This is very much aligned with our strategic plan and we look forward to working with other governments to learn how we can do better.

Finally a HUGE WELCOME BACK to all our staff and students this fall.  We all look forward to a great year!"

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