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Friday, September 30th Professional Development Activity

Scott McKay, a SET BC consultant from Prince George, offered a roomful of SD46 teachers an overview on some exciting innovations that are hitting our classrooms. Resources were shared about Flipped Classrooms, Genius Hour, Makerspaces and Coding, many of which support our Applied Design, Skills and Technologies curriculum.



2015/16 TELP Graduates

Provincial leaders transforming education in B.C.

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Awesome Team at BCCase Conference

Professional Development Activities

Learning Together Inquiry

Please read our booklet, Learning Together Inquiry 2012 – 2015. Building a culture of inquiry through cross-district, collaborative conversations about learning.

Congrats to Recipients of Masters' Degrees!

District-Wide Training for Kurzweil Software

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2013 Retirees and Long Service Employees

School District Employees Honoured at the 2013 Service Recognition Celebration







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