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Message from the Chair – February 2017

There is a lot of talk about electoral reform at the national level these days but here on the Sunshine Coast we are also having an important discussion about reforming the Trustee Electoral Areas(TEA) that shape how members of our community elect school trustees.  About a year ago, the provincial government informed School District No. 46 that there were certain lands with the Sechelt Indian Government District that had been left out of the existing electoral areas, and we are obliged to consult with the public and amend the areas to recognize these lands and enfranchise the residents who live there.

After several discussions at our Committee of the Whole in recent months and after getting feedback from three or four local governments, we are holding three public consultation events; February 23 in Gibsons, March 7 in Pender Harbour and March 29 in Sechelt.  Watch the website in coming weeks for exact times and locations.  The board will be putting forward two options for the public to consider:
1.  Attaching the omitted areas to the closed existing area; or
2.  Adding the areas to the Sechelt area, with an additional trustee representative and combining the existing Rural area 2 with Gibsons area with a total of three trustees as representation.

Data on population and the ratio of representation will be available prior to and at all consultations.  The notes from the preparatory discussions are available on our website under the minutes of the January special committee of the whole. Written comments will be received by the Board until early April.

If you have any thoughts or questions about the Trustee Electoral Area consultation,  please don't hesitate to contact any of your elected trustees.


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Message from the Chair - October 2016

Message from the Chair – October 2016

It was a pleasure to have an update at our October 12 Board meeting that our schools are rapidly moving to be models of sustainability.  Many are having "Garbology" days for students to learn how to recycle and reduce waste. In fact, West Sechelt Elementary leads the group in going "garbage free.” That means taking home reusable lunch containers and no garbage creation! Congratulations, students and staff of West Sechelt Elementary School.  What a great way to model the future!

Several schools are also in the final stages of creating community gardens. This has been a goal both for partnerships and enhanced student learning for many years.  Davis Bay Elementary will soon have a greenhouse for gardening, whatever the weather. More evidence of excellent practice in our schools.

An important item for all to review is our draft Long Range Facility Plan (LRFP).  It is now available and was first discussed at the September Operations Committee meeting. The Board hopes to adopt the plan very soon as it will guide our facility decisions for many years. Highlights are the demographic trends showing a shortage of school space in West Sechelt, especially, and some space available in both the Pender Harbour area and Gibsons and surrounding areas.  Our top two priorities for capital upgrades are West Sechelt Elementary School and the Sunshine Building in Sechelt.  In applications to the Ministry regarding capital replacement or upgrading, these two facilities will be our focus.  The LRFP is available on our website.  We urge the community to read it and let us know your thoughts.


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