Inaugural Meeting and Board Election Results

At the Inaugural Meeting of the Board of Education on Tuesday, December 9, 2014, the newly sworn-in board held its election for the positions of Chair and Vice-Chair of the Board of Education, BCPSEA (British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association) Representative and BCSTA (British Columbia School Trustees’ Association) Provincial Councilor.

Trustees acclaimed Betty Baxter as Chair and Lori Pratt as Vice-Chair of the Board of Education. Dave Mewhort was acclaimed BCSTA Provincial Councillor and Christine Younghusband was acclaimed BCPSEA Trustee Representative.

The Board of Education is comprised of Betty Baxter, Chair, Lori Pratt, Vice-Chair and Trustees, Lori Dixon, Dave Mewhort, Greg Russell, Pammila Ruth, Christine Younghusband and also includes Student Trustee Kailyn Pritchard.

(From left to right: Lori Dixon, Christine Younghusband, Kailyn Pritchard, Betty Baxter, Lori Pratt, Pammila Ruth, Dave Mewhort. Missing from picture: Trustee Greg Russell)

2014 Trustee Election Declarations and Notices:

Next Election Date: November 2018

This page will be updated during the election process as new information becomes available.

Page Contents:


Election date and length of term:

The next scheduled election will be held on the third Saturday of November 2014 (November 15). Recently, the Local Elections Statutes Amendment Act, 2014 amended the School Act to provide that a "general school election" to elect trustees for all boards of education is to be held every four years [School Act, section 35].  Following the 2014 general school election, elected school trustees take office on the first Monday after December 1st.

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Voter eligibility:

To be eligible to vote in a school trustee election, a person must qualify either as a resident elector or a non-resident property elector, and must be registered or deemed to be registered as an elector of the trustee electoral area [School Act, section 39 (1)(a) and (c)].

In order to vote as a resident elector, a person must be all of the following:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • 18 years of age or older on general voting day;
  • a resident of BC for at least six (6) months immediately before the time of voting;
  • a resident of the trustee electoral area for at least 30 days immediately before the time of voting; and
  • not disqualified by law from voting.

All residents who meet these requirements can vote. It does not matter whether you rent or own your home.

If you own property within School District boundaries but live somewhere else in BC, you can also vote in trustee elections as a non-resident property elector.  In this case, a person can vote, as long as the following are met:

  • a Canadian citizen;
  • 18 years of age or older on general voting day;
  • a resident of BC for at least six (6) months immediately before the time of voting;
  • a registered owner of real property in the trustee electoral area, for at least thirty (30) days immediately before the time of voting; and
  • not be a resident elector in any other trustee electoral area in the District.

Non-resident property electors can vote only once, regardless of the number of properties they own. If there is more than one registered owner of a property, only one of those individuals may, with the written consent of the majority of the other owners, register as a non-resident property elector.

Persons may be disqualified from voting if any of the following conditions apply:

  • disqualified under the School Act, or other enactment or law, from voting in the election;
  • completing a sentence for an indictable offence, unless the person is released on probation or parole and is not in custody;
  • involuntarily confined to a psychiatric or other institution as a result of being acquitted of, or found not criminally responsible for, an offence under the Criminal Code on account of mental disorder;
  • proven to have accepted an inducement to vote.

[School Act, section 39 (1)(b) and (2)]

View the Voter's Guide to Local Elections in B.C. for additional information.

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Changes to Legislation:

With the Royal Assent of both the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA) and the Local Elections Statutes Amendment Act, Elections BC is responsible for administering the new campaign financing and advertising rules for local elections campaign organizers, candidates, elector organizations and third party sponsors. For additional information, please visit or contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Trustee Electoral Areas:

Trustee Electoral Area


# of trustees


Town of Gibsons



District of Sechelt


Rural Area 1

Sunshine Coast Regional District

(Comprised of Electoral Area “A” – Egmont, Garden Bay, Pender Harbour and Area “B” Halfmoon Bay in the Sunshine Coast Regional District)


Rural Area 2

Sunshine Coast Regional District

(Comprised of Electoral Areas “D” Roberts Creek, “E” Elphinstone, “F” West Howe Sound in the Sunshine Coast Regional District and the “SIGD” Sechelt Indian Government District)


If you require assistance or would like more information on the nomination process or the election process, please call the Chief Election Officer (CEO) or Deputy Chief Election Officer (DCEO) for your jurisdiction:

Town of Gibsons: Selina Williams (CEO) or Bryce Viitanen (DCEO) at 604-886-2274  | Elections Bylaw

District of Sechelt: Margi Nicholas (CEO) and Susan Sagman (DCEO) at 640-885-1986 | Elections Bylaw

Rural Areas 1 and 2: Nicholas Weswick (CEO) and Erica Reimer (DCEO) at 604-886-8811 | SCRD Elections Bylaw & SD46 Elections Bylaw


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Nomination forms:

Nomination documents will be received by the appropriate Chief Election Officer, or designate, between the hours of 9:00 am on September 30, 2014 and 4:00 pm October 10, 2014 during regular office hours - excluding statutory holidays and weekends - at the following locations:

Trustee Electoral Area Nomination Documents

Gibsons (One Trustee)

Town of Gibsons – 474 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons

Sechelt (Two Trustees)

District of Sechelt – 2nd floor, 5797 Cowrie Street, Sechelt

Rural Area 1 (One Trustee)

SD46 School Board Office – 494 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons

Rural Area 2 (Three Trustees)

SD46 School Board Office – 494 South Fletcher Road, Gibsons,

Notice of Nomination

Nomination documents are available at the locations listed above during regular office hours. Nomination documents for Rural Area 1 and Rural Area 2 are also available at:

Sunshine Coast Regional District Office – 1975 Field Road, Sechelt

Sechelt Indian Government District Office – 5555 Highway 101, Sechelt


Fillable forms:


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Important information for candidates:


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Helpful links:


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